Eritrea: National statement marking September 1st, 53 years of armed struggle

Asmara (HAN) September 1, 2014 – Public diplomacy and regional security news. Eritrea September 1st concert marking the 53rd year of the launching of the armed struggle for independence – Live Cincema Roma Asmara, Eritrea.The Eritrean people resort to armed struggle mainly because all efforts made to gain its independence through peaceful means.   

In a statement it issues in connection with September 1 marking the 53rd year of launching of the armed struggle for independence, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) underlined that the victory of the Eritrean people has been as a result of its strong organizational capacity.

Eritrea September 1st concert marking the 53rd year of the launching of the armed struggle for independence – Live Cincema Roma Asmara, Eritrea.


The statement stressed that in the history of mankind it has been attested that victory comes with utmost capacity and commitment, and that the Eritrean people attained its independence through developing theoretical and political capacity as well as strong leadership that developed the unity of the people and organized the national struggle for independence.

The statement went on to emphasize that the People’s Front led the Eritrean people to victory through developing correct theoretical and political path coupled with strong organization. The statement further stressed that the People’s Front has been able to ensure vast popular support and convince thousands of Eritrean youth to join the armed struggle because it has been an organization that gives priority to the interest of the people and pursue independent national democratic path.

It also stated that the objective of remembering the history of the armed struggle has not been to live in history but to emphasize its paramount importance that the history of the armed struggle has been the foundation for making new history and ensuring popular awareness, strong organization and spirit of commitment for building a strong democratic nation in which its people live in unity and peace. Source EFM



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2 Responses to “Eritrea: National statement marking September 1st, 53 years of armed struggle”

  1. In nowadays free eritrea,countries which didnt know where we came from and how the powerful countries helped the colonizers to oppressers us more and neglect our right to live in peace by giving deaf ear to our plea for independemce must learn from their historica mistake and show sollidarity and streched their helping hand in building the very same infrastracture they dameged .now coming in our right to live and telling us what to do to satisfay their need by imposing us their foriegne policy on us and accusing us by human right and governance while they themselves refused to let us excercise our right to follow our dream to prosper eritrea.go to hell we have our dream to fullfill and not to carry your mandate that fits ur need.

  2. Eritrean1

    Eritrea has come a long way since Isaias staged a disturbing “coup” against the people on September 18, 2001 when the press and dissenting voices were buried alive….he stole the whole victory and declared watsay slavery….all private journalists are in prison since Sep2001, Eritrean youth are #1 refugees in number of African migrants trying to cross Mediterranean Sea. Dictator Isaias Aforki is in power since independence 1991 up to now. No any kind of election had ever been held. Thousands are in prison merely because of their political views and opinion on the current situation. The situation inside Eritrea, is much worse than the situation in the colonizers time, very disturbing and heartbreaking end. The struggle of freedom still continues Eritrea and Eritreans shall prevail the elite of the dictatorial regime inside Eritrea and their blind supporters in diaspora will be ashamed like the colonizers who did left in defeat and shame. Peace to Eritrea and it’s peace loving people.

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