Eritrea: National Service students returned to their Homes

Asmara (HAN) July 31, 2014.  Regional Security and public safety news. The 27th Eritrean National Service students that have been to Sawa to finish their final grade 12 education are arriving back to their home and  to  their families after graduating military training on 18th of July, 2014.

According to Col. Debesai Gide, Commander of the Sawa National Training Centre, the participants of the 27th round were from 83 Secondary and 7 Technical Schools across the nation. He also stated that they received the set military and academic training, in addition to development activities. Col. Debesai also stated that about 500 thousand youths have participated in national development and national resistance tasks over the past 20 years since the launching of the NSP.

Likewise, over 5,500 Grade 11 students from the Central region left for Sawa on 25 July, 2014  to pursue Grade 12 studies there, as well as to participate in the 28th round National Service Program.

The students expressed readiness to live up to expectations.
Meanwhile: Eid Al-Mubarak was this week celebrated nationwide in a colorful manner in Eritrea.

The celebrations in Eritrean capital Asmara witnessed the presence of thousands of the faithful early in the morning hours at Bahti Meskerm Square. Also present were senior Government and PFDJ officials, diplomats, religious leaders and thousands of the faithful.

The Eritrean Mufti, Sheikh Al-Amin Osman Al-Amin, led the Salat Eid prayer. In a religious message Sheikh conveyed, the Mufti called on the faithful to practise the values of love and mutual assistance, among others. Sheik Al-Amin Osman further underlined the need to demonstrate assistance to the needy and tolerance, as well as other virtues.

Meanwhile, a public holiday jointly organized by the Ministry of Information and the Eritrean Police Headquarters was conducted at the Expo grounds in connection with Eid Al-Fetir celebrations.

Speaking on the occasion, Col. Mehari Tsegai, Commander of the Eritrean Police Force, extended message of goodwill to the Eritrean people in general and followers of the Islamic Faith in particular in connection with the religious event. He also noted the significance of the Eritrean people celebrating religious holidays in unison.

The public celebrations at the Expo grounds witnessed cultural performance by the Irab cultural troupe of the Eritrean Police Force.

Photo: The center for vocational, academic and military training, Sawa

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2 Responses to “Eritrea: National Service students returned to their Homes”

  1. Alem

    Before shackling their legs and packing them up in buses, the tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI while addressing our boys and girls said
    1- Agelglot (modern day slavery) will be reduced from endless into 15 years slavery.
    2-I know you aspire to become doctors, engineers, lawyers architects and educators but what Eritrea need at this time is brick layers and that is what you will become.
    3-Democracy,freedom and constitution is a taboo and don’t fall for it. Watch the western world (US, England, Norway, Sweden and many more) how they got in crises by implementing democracy and on the other hand watch Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe how they are thriving by rejecting democracy.
    4- Don’t try to cross the border, you will be shot.

    I am not that smart and the worst speaker but I am your fearless leader for life. I am the LION,TIGER, DONKEY and SNAKE of Nakfa.

  2. Alem

    Look at the picture above………………our brothers and sisters (modern day slaves) agelglot hauling one stone at a time from north to south and no body knows why. (it is an order from the tyrant).

    The tyrant and his criminal thugs try to make us believe this is the way towards self reliance but in reality the facts on the grounds of Eritrea and the result of 23 years of slavery and tyranny,it is a clear indicator of self destruction and isolation.
    On Tuesdays the students will move the stones one at a time from North to South and on Wednesday another group will come and move it back from South to North and of course one stone at a time. This has been going on for more than 20 years.

    It was POL-Pots ideology, he believed intellectuals are a treat to society and he was determined to keep the ones he didn’t kill or throw in jail, in isolated rural areas doing worthless back breaking jobs, away from education, society and technology.
    The tyrant is following the same ideology building a mediocre rods and bridges for the sake of propaganda with unskilled labor one stone at a time.
    If we had the right elected government in the country those students would be the finest engineers and architects and all our infrastructures would be built with skilled man power equipped with the finest machineries.

    ” Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, GIVE ME LIBERITY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” Patrick Henry

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