Eritrea: National legislative measures to eliminate terrorism

Asmara (HAN) October 10, 2014. Public diplomacy and International security news. various strategy pertaining to eliminating international terrorism. Eritrea’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Girma Asmerom, has underscored that Eritrea reaffirms its unequivocal condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. He made the remarks at the Sixth Committee of the 69th session of the U N General Assembly pertaining to eliminating international terrorism.

Ambassador Girma stressed that that Eritrea strongly believes that terrorist acts constitute a flagrant violation of international law and human indecency. He further expressed Eritrea’s conviction that acts of terrorism should not be associated with any single religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group.

The Eritrean Ambassador went on to emphasize that when combating terrorism any action taken must be consistent with international law and the United Nations, as well as regional organizations, and thus play an important role in combating terrorism and respecting the rules of engagement.

In this connection, Ambassadro Girma stated that in order to combat all types of extremism and terrorism, Eritrea has put in place various national legislative measures, besides taking concrete actions.

Moreover, he underlined that a unified global response is needed to effectively combat the danger posed by terrorists, apart from information sharing and exchange of best practices among countries and other stakeholders. Ambassador Girma also underscored the need to effectively prevent and control the spread of terrorism, lay equal emphasis on devoting resources to the four pillars indentified in the Global Counter Terrorism Strategy, including the root causes of terrorism.

The Ambassador made reference to the need for addressing the long standing inter and intra state conflicts, as well as politically motivated unjust sanctions imposed against any developing countries as part of the overall strategy towards fighting all forms of terrorism.

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2 Responses to “Eritrea: National legislative measures to eliminate terrorism”

  1. Alem

    First of all in order to have a national legislation you have to have an elected national legislators which Eritrea does not have. What we have in Eritrea is a one man rule and his criminal gangs with no check and balances. This is Not a national legislation, it is one of the many DECREES by the tyrant after heavy alcohol consumption and getting high on drugs, to use it as a sham to pounce and kill or jail one or more of his old comrades. (I wonder who will be this time, I am suspecting Hagos kishas time is up). This decree will go in the history books as one of the funny ones. A terrorist regime of ISAYAS AFEWORKI no better than the savage terrorist of BOKO_HARAM and ISIS, fighting against civilization, known for its firm stand against education and knowledge, known for enslaving people to satisfy a twisted ideology, known for raping, jailing and killing innocent people, passing a DECREE to fight terrorism (it is hilarious).
    The day when the Eritrean people rise up and eliminate the criminal TERRORIST junta of ISAYAS AFEWORKI (watch Gadhafi’s final seconds and final words) will be a huge victory for Eritrean people and will be the beginning of freedom, democracy, civilization.
    Soon chain of slavery will be broken, chains of imprisonment will be broken, chain which locked down (spring of wisdom) gates of our university will be broken.
    Our Eritrea will elect
    —– intellectuals who understand freedom, democracy, politics, diplomacy, economy.
    —– intellectuals who understand PEOPEL are the greatest asset of a country .
    —–intellectuals who understand that you can NOT build a nation without education.
    —— intellectuals who understand that NO BODY is above the law and constitution will be the highest law of the land.
    Our beautiful Eritrea is getting destroyed by UNelected criminal gang and still we are watching from the side line hopping somebody will come and save us. Our courageous spiritual leaders are speaking and it is almost the end of 2014 and still we are asleep. Where is our HAMOT deki hager why are we allowing this kind of brutality rule our land.
    SMERRRRRRR deki Eritrea we have more and very solid thing to unite than what divides us.
    Stop the bickering and unite and lets build a free democratic Eritrea.

  2. Tecleab Haile

    Only talk is cheap! It is not like people now live like in the 1980 and before. We live in an age of instant information and people, at least those who are interested on what is going on in the world can find out the truth like a flash. It seems to me the Eritrean Juntas are retarded people who live in the past. Like in their Sahle time. Eritrean politicians if they can be called that live in lies, they sleep in lies and they wake up in lies. They really stink.

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