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Eritrea: “Mining Excellence for Driving Economic Growth”

Asmara (HAN) October 2, 2014. Public diplomacy and International investment news. The 5th Eritrean Mining Conference opened  at Asmara Palace Hotel here in the capital under the theme “Mining Excellence for Driving Economic Growth” for essential assets.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference in which Government officials, representatives of various countries, mining companies and social service-rendering institutions took part, General Sebhat Ephrem, Minister of Energy and Mines, pointed out that Eritrea possesses rich mineral resources and that the undertaking of research activities towards harnessing the available resources is imperative.

General Sebhat Ephrem, Minister of Energy,  further indicated that sufficient information has been secured since the holding of mining conferences in Asmara in 2010 pertaining to industrial mining, and that endeavors are being made to harness such resource. In this regard, he stated that the necessary regulations have been put in place that has secured confidence on the part of foreign companies.

General Sebhat Ephrem, Minister of Energy,  went on to explain that about 60% of Eritrean territory contains mineral resources, and that the necessary conducive ground prevails in the country, coupled with a corruption-free leadership and viable infrastructure facilities, among others, thus ensuring the requisite factors for expanding industrial plants. Gen. Sebhat also indicated that there are plans to launch 4-dimensional mining projects in 2017.

According to Geeska Afrika Online note received from the conference organizer, about 50 mining companies are taking part in 5th Eritrean Mining Conference, which was opened  at Asmara Palace Hotel.


Photo: Genel Sebhat Ephrem, Minister of Energy and Mines


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3 Responses to “Eritrea: “Mining Excellence for Driving Economic Growth””

  1. Alem

    I guess officially we are a military state, we have a civilian department led by Isayas’s finest solder (body guard). When did this goon became the department head of mining and minerals and what the heck does he know about it ? I thought the tyrant threw him in jail.
    I guess finally the dictator Isayas got tired of being everything for Eritrea, and decided to place some symbolic clowns as department head. I can tell ISAYAS the thief is tired of being head of Finance, defense, education, health and transportation.
    With the unparalleled leadership of the murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI our Eritrea is leading the world in democracy, freedom, economy and we are at a fast pace nation building and we will be self reliant in the next Forty years, the only thing eluding us is this so called basic services like water and electricity. (what a joke).

    “Delayed answer for justice and prayer does not mean denied”
    Related BBC news
    “Two top Khmer Rouge leaders have been jailed for life after being convicted by Cambodia’s UN-backed tribunal of crimes against humanity.

    Nuon Chea, 88, served as leader Pol Pot’s deputy and Khieu Samphan, 83, was the Maoist regime’s head of state.

    They are the first top-level leaders to be held accountable for its crimes.

    Up to two million people are thought to have died under the 1975-79 Khmer Rouge regime – of starvation and overwork or executed as enemies of the state.
    The regime sought to create an agrarian society: cities were emptied and their residents forced to work on rural co-operatives. Many were worked to death while others starved as the economy imploded.

    During four violent years, the Khmer Rouge also killed all those it perceived as enemies – intellectuals, minorities, former officials – and their families”

    son the But fact of the mater is if the murderer Isayas thinks he is a president and if Eritrea is leading in self relignes and democracy and I don’t see why cant be Sebhat be the Minster of

  2. Alem

    Does any body know what is going on with the dictators wife ? Is she in jail like the rest of our sisters? It was an open secret for the murderer being disloyal to her and his family, he was known for spending nights with some sluts from the street after getting high on drugs and alcohol. I am sure it is not a surprise for him being disloyal it is in his blood, he sold out his comrades in bunkers for money and power, and he sold out his country for tyranny.
    I believe the dictator thinks he is a president, and doesn’t that make her the first lady? Is he ashamed of her or he still got the old boy mentality that women belong in the house and they are just good enough for cooking and cleaning only? Does this idiot know that she is his equal partner in life and he should have the decency to respectfully introduce her to the world. It is a known fact our Eritrean women fought side by side with their brothers their husbands and some of them paid the ultimate sacrifice of life for our sake for our freedom but unfortunately we were not wise enough to safe guard our freedom and ultimately we let it hijacked by a mentally disturbed murderer and who does not recognize the equality of our women.

    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea and down fall to the murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI.

  3. Alem

    Today is the first anniversary of our tragic loss of our Eritrean brothers and sisters in Lampadusa. Three hundred and sixty six of our bright Eritrean youngsters perished in the Mediterranean sea to run away from slavery, torture, jail, rape and death on the hands of the criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal gangsters.
    I pray that God give the strength to all our Eritrean families so we can march together, so we eliminate the cold blooded murderer and criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI to his final graves and we start the healing process at home.
    Here is a piece written by some one very wise I hope the writer does not mind sharing it.
    If you knew where I am standing
    If you could see the sights I see
    If you could hear the angels singing
    The songs they sing eternally
    If you knew the one I am holding
    To see the smile, he smiles at me
    If you know where I am resting
    You would not cry for me.
    I am resting in the arms of Jesus
    No other place would I rather be
    So if you shed a tear, please don’t shed it for me
    For if you know where I am resting
    You would not cry for me.

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