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Eritrea: Mendefera referral Hospital: Effective Fistula treatment

Mendefera (HAN) January 6.2017 Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The head of the delivery service, Dr. Habte Hailemelekot indicated that the Mendefera Referral Hospital is conducting effective Fistula treatment. Dr. Habte further pointed out that 99% of the patients who received treatment have been cured and returned to normal life.

Dr. Habte made the comment during a visit women from four administrative areas of Mendefera conducted to the center.

The head of the NUEW branch in the sub-zone, Ms. Rigbe Bariagabir said that the objective of the visit was to extend moral and material support to women that are receiving fistula treatment in the center. Ms. Rigbe pointed out that the main causes of fistula are under age marriages, FGM, and other harmful practices and called for integrated efforts for avoiding them.

During the event the visiting women donated clothes and sanitation materials worth more than 30 thousand Nakfa.

In the same vein, youth from the Southern region visited the historical and ancient sites of Belew-Kelew, Metera and Keskese.

In the course of their visit the youth indicated that organizing such group visits has significant contribution in the development of domestic tourism and called on the National Museum of Eritrea to diligently work for preserving the precious national heritages.



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