Eritrea Made a Remarkable Development Goals

Asmara (HAN) March 16, 2015 – Regional Security and Human Investment News. Eritrea has taken notable steps forward over the past two decades, including significant progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially those related to health. This was demonstrated during a recent side even at the UN general assembly supported by the UN. Though challenges still exist, the country is working hard to improve its national capacity in all areas.

Master plan of the beach side resorts in mainland Massawa

The achievements made towards advancing the situation of women and enhancing the well-being of the most vulnerable Eritreans, especially those in the rural areas, are notable and should be appreciated.

Eritrean Mekseb Debesay once again won the International Criterium de Setif

It is clear that the Government is committed to sustaining these gains while pursuing its national development agenda, which aims to reduce poverty levels, expand national capacity, increase food security and support environmental sustainability.

Eritrea has made remarkable progress towards its own development goals and aspirations. The Government has endeavoured to protect the most vulnerable segments of the population and to implement its long-term development policies.

It maintains an extensive social safety net, investing in three priority areas: food security and agricultural production; infrastructure development; human resources development.

Moreover, it is one of the few countries in Africa that is making steady progress towards achieving the health related MDGs (4, 5 and 6, i.e. reduction of child mortality; reduction of maternal mortality and combating HIV and AIDS). Even though scarcity of data does not permit comprehensive conclusions, the country appears to be making good progress on the crucial area of environmental sustainability.

However, much still remains to be done especially in MDGs 1 and 2; eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, and attainment of universal primary education, as all indicators are below target.

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2 Responses to “Eritrea Made a Remarkable Development Goals”

  1. Alem K.

    The King of tyranny, the Master of disaster and the Father of crises ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    Our criminal tyrant skillfully demonstrated to the world how to stay in power for 24 agonizing years by betraying your friends and family and dismantling and destroying a vibrant and thriving people and still managing to have followers.
    Our manipulative, control freak tyrant like every dictator out there he thinks he is an economist, architect, statesman, educator, military strategist, philosopher, internationally recognized leader, a doctor and a lawyer where as in reality he is a failure as a father, prostitute as a husband, clueless in economy, arrogant and out of touch in world politics, a menace as a leader. To his credit though, he is the master of manipulation, father of deceit, and very sophisticated on killing his seating duck opponents.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea.

  2. Alem K.

    It is the divide and rule principal of tyrants and dictators create a fertile ground for religious fanatics , political extremists and anarchists which brings a nation into strife and conflict and endless killing. That is why we are witnessing teenagers armed with sophisticated military hardware’s creating a havoc in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, and Egypt. The conflict in this nations didn’t happen because of the revolution but rather because of the deep rooted division among the ethnic groups and religions cultivated by the tyrants and criminal dictators. In our Eritrea the criminal murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI is making sure that at the end of his tyranny that Eritrea falls into abyss and a failed state. That is why the criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI is so obsessed on converting our Eritrea into a military state and molding our 16 and 17 years old immature teenagers into a military robots.
    Eritrea we are doing a great job paralyzing the tyrant by our silence.

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