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Eritrea Led AU Specialized Technical Committee on public service

Asmara (HAN) November 30, 2014. Public diplomacy and National security news. The expected outcome of the Africa Union meeting is the operationalization of the AU-STC in public service, local government, urban development and decentralization.

Ambassador Araya Desta, Eritrean representative to the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, has participated in the first session of the AU Specialized Technical Committee on public service, local government, urban development and decentralization. The meeting took place in Brazzaville city, Republic of Congo, from November 24 to 26.

In accordance with the decision of the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government, the different sectoral ministerial conferences would be replaced by 14 Specialized Technical Committees (STCs) as of this year. The STCs which held a meeting in Brazzaville would group three sectoral ministerial conferences.

The Eritrean delegation expressed support to the new arrangement stating that it would play significant role in reducing the number of meetings and the expenditures thereof, as well as in creating synergy within the various organs of the African Union.

The meeting was attended by Ministers and representatives from the AU member states and adopted the rules of procedure and the work plan for 2015-16.

Background: The African Union (AU) Specialised Technical Committees (STCs) constitute an important technical organ of the AU. The Committees were established under Article 25 of the African Economic Community Treaty (the Abuja Treaty). With the transformation of the OAU into the AU, the STCs were carried over by the Constitutive Act of the African Union under Articles 14 to 16.

The African Union STCs will replace all the AU Ministerial Conferences and they are expected to work in close collaboration with the various departments of the African Union Commission to provide well-informed inputs in their areas of specialisation to the work of the African Union Executive Council. The STCs will also be involved in monitoring programme development and implementation by the African Union and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) on behalf of the African Union Executive Council

Following several consultations and technical dialogues among the African Union Policy making organs and member states, the African Union decided to bring some of the Ministerial Conferences together as one Specialized Technical Committee.

The following three African Union Ministerial Conferences for instance, the Conference of Ministers for Public/Civil Service (AU-CAMPS), the African Union Ministerial Conference on Decentralization and Local Development (AMCOD), and the African Ministerial Conference of Housing and Urban Development, (AMCHUD) were merged and named the AU-STC on Public Service, Local Government, Urban Development and Decentralization. The 24-26 November 2014 meeting in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo is the first Ordinary Session of the STC.

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