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Eritrea: Italian Lapo Pistelli’s shuttle diplomacy mediation With Ethiopia

Asmara (HAN) July 7, 2014. This week, diplomatic and security initiatives. Italy is Eritrea’s second commercial partner, trade remains negligible, given Asmara’s isolation. One goal of Pistelli’s visit was to encourage the Eritreans to engage in constructive dialogue with the countries of the region with a view to contributing to the stability of the Horn of Africa, establishing development policies, and signing up to a shared commitment to protect human rights and to combat terrorism and trans-national crime

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The new initiative to Asmara by the Italian Government marks the first time a senior Italian government official has visited Eritrea in over a decade to open a diplomatic hope to the Eritrean leader and the future Eritrean Youth.

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Ethiopian side: Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Kristos held discussions with Italy’s Vice Foreign Minister, Lapo Pistelli at his office. The discussion covered bilateral issues as well as regional and transcontinental areas that affect Africa and Europe. On the bilateral front, Vice Minister Pistelli said his government wishes to strengthen its relationship with Ethiopia and is planning to open an office for the Italian Foreign Trade Agency (ICE) here in Addis Ababa.

The Italian  Vice Minister also spoke about his government’s concern on the worsening condition of migration from Africa to Europe – pointing the inhuman treatment and suffering migrants go through en route to their intended destination. State Minister Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Kristos on his part said the government welcomes ICE’s desire to open an office here in Ethiopia and expressed the government’s readiness to cooperate with Italy on all matters important to both countries and their respective regions.  Italy’s Vice Foreign Minister, Lapo Pistelli  also said that the current migration problem needs to be addressed in a way that could provide a lasting and productive solution.



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2 Responses to “Eritrea: Italian Lapo Pistelli’s shuttle diplomacy mediation With Ethiopia”

  1. Biniam

    Eritrean government and people always have good, and peaceful relationships with their neighbours. The problem in the Horn of Africa is the US Foreign Policy and it’s self interests. By disregarding the countries interest that are in the Horn of Africa. To fulfill the US Foreign Policy and interests as we already witnessed in the world, they would use a weak minority government to weaken and create havic and instability by putting unjust sanctions etc. if they really wanted peace and stability within the Horn of Africa they will have to follow the rules of law and the United Nations should do what they are obligated to do. I believe, if weyane really wanted peace with their neighbours (Eritrea) I don’t think it’s within their control to do so unless stated by the US saying okay. There will be no result going back and fourth to Asmera and Addis Ababa they will start seeing results if they go from Asmera to Washington D.C.

  2. Johnny

    Until Badme, Eritrea is restored to its legal owner, there will never be peace.

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