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Eritrea : Investment to Upgrade the Capacity of Public Health

Asmara (HAN) 27 August, 2017 – Public Diplomacy & Regional Health Services for investment and Trade. The Asmara College of Health is providing higher diploma course with a view to upgrade the capacity of Assistant Nurses.

The head of the School of Nurses, Mr. Andom Yohannes indicated that the training which is the first of its kind commenced in the month February and its being provided in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Commission of Higher Education. Currently 138 trainees from the different regions are participating, Mr. Andom added.

According to Mr. Andom the training program includes psychology, public health as well as adult and children’s health.

The trainees on their part expressed that the training will have significant contribution in upgrading their capacity and sharing experiences among each other.


Pic: Training of public health professionals in Eritrea continues to help Eritrean people.




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