Eritrea: Internationally celebrated Independence Day with patriotic zeal

Asmara (HAN) June 2, 2014. Community news update. The Eritrean community members in Sewakin, Republic of Sudan, Kampala, Uganda, Damam, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait celebrated the 23rdIndependence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal.

Speaking at the celebration in Sewakin last Friday in which officials of the Sudanese Red Sea region took part, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, Eritrean Executive of Embassy Affairs in the Republic of Sudan, pointed out that the nation’s development accomplishments despite the perpetration of external conspiracies on it attests to the people’s steadfastness. He further indicated that Eritrea is in a position to lay the necessary groundwork for sustainable development.

Even Eritrean community members in Israel celebrated the 23rd Independence Day anniversary with patriotic zeal in Tel-Aviv city.


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Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Tahir Hassan, Mayor of Sewakin, made note of the historical ties between the Sudanese region and Eritrea, especially in connection with the armed struggle for independence. He also expressed readiness to foster the prevailing relations, and congratulated the Eritrean community members.

The celebration witnessed the staging of cultural performances by Rim Cultural Troupe.

Nationals residing the Saudi Arabian city of Damam marked the momentous Day in a manner that depicted the heaviness of the all-round sacrifice paid for national independence.

On the occasion, Ms. Weini Gerezgiher, Eritrean Consul in Saudi Arabia, gave briefings regarding the objective situation in the Homeland, and said that the event is being celebrated at a time when the unjust UN Sanctions have been laid bare.

Likewise, Mr. Hassan Mahmoud, Chairman of the Eritrean community in Damam, stated that the event is an occasion when nationals should reiterate readiness to back up the national development drive.

Meanwhile, the celebration in Kampala witnessed higher participation of children and youths, in addition to sports and artistic activities.

In opening remarks, the Eritrean Ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, explained that the development achievements Eritrea registered attest to the commitment of the Eritrean people and their leadership towards safeguarding national dignity and the prevailing potential. The event is an occasion when we should reiterate pledge to mount resolve for keeping intact our values and societal harmony, he added.

Moreover, Independence Day was celebrated in Kuwait in a similar manner and through various activities.



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