Asmara (HAN) April 4. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News.The Independence Torch, currently touring the Gash Barka Region, reached the town of Golij yesterday traveling 231 km in the sub-zones of Shanbuko and Laelai Gash.

Administrator of the Shambuko sub-zone, Mr. Tesfai Bairai said that the torch represents the continuity of generations and carries with it a special meaning.

Upon arrival in Golij, the torch received warm welcome by the residents of the town and members of the EDF.

The next stage of tour of the torch will be to Tesenei, Haikota and Gogni covering 125.5 km.


    • Shut your mouth,think about 40 million Ethiopians are in hunger because of the centro ethnic puppet regime in Ethiopia,destabilize the whole region and occupied the land of Eritrea.


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