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Eritrea: Houthis’ New Diplomatic Tactics Send Envoy to Asmara

Asmara (HAN) March 23, 2015 – Public Diplomacy, Regional defense and Maritime security News. The new Yemeni Shia known“Houthis” sent a senior Yemeni delegation to Eritrea. Yemen’s Houthis Seek strategic and political allies with Djibouti, Somaliland (Somalia), Sudan and Eritrea. Houthis are minority Shia  from the north.

The Houthi political bureau Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri said a delegation headed by Hussein Al-Izzi arrived in Asmara to meet with Eritrean leader to discuss the latest political developments in Yemen’s red sea security and ways to enhance mutual security cooperation with Eritrean navy.

Houthi leaders are warning that anyone who deals with President Hadi in Aden as “head of state” will be prosecuted and brought to justice

According to Geeska Afrika Online security sources, Houthis’ new tactics anger Gulf Countries (GCC). The Houthis’ diplomatic strategy takes its inspiration from the previous Yemeni regime of former President Ali Abdullah salah.

Houthi leaders said they have approached Iranian government, their main Shiaa in Tehran to send gasoline to offset supplies cut off by neighbouting GCC led by Saudi Arabia.

Another delegation is planning to visit Ethiopia in the coming weeks, they said. Houthi leaders say their interim government is trying to gain legitimacy in Africa and Asia.

“We are doing what any new regional authority does, and that is to seek international alliances that can help balance the new face of Yemeni politics,” said Ahmed Bahri, political director of Houthi Haqq Party in Sana’a.

Yemeni Houthi Leaders lacked sufficient political experience to attract Moscow, Beijing, Asmara and Cairo, but Geeska Afrika Online sources learnt,  Leonid Issaev, a Russian pro-soviet era expert on Arab affairs has helped Houthis strategic allies and also arrange the talks with Russia. Leonid Issaev said  “very productive” attempt to restore Moscow’s allies in Eritrea with Yemen to restore the Soviet era in the red sea  to protect Russian maritime security interest in the region.

President Mansour Hadi move to the southern port city of Aden, where he is appealing to his Yemeni traibal allies at home and abroad for financial and political support for Adan administration. The U.S., the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf and the United Nations have strategically supported the president.

President Hadi managed to escape the house arrest imposed on him and make his way to Aden on 21 February.

In Aden, President Hadi announced his commitment to his Presidential legitimate right as Yemen’s president and said that “all decisions issued since 21 September, 2015 are void and illegitimate”.

The diplomatic standoff threatens to split Yemen and trigger a civil war fought along Yemen’s many sectarian, political and geographical fault-lines, which can influence security and stability of Eritrea, Djibouti and Sudan.

Photo: Mehdi Al-Mashat, representative of Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houth.


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4 Responses to “Eritrea: Houthis’ New Diplomatic Tactics Send Envoy to Asmara”

  1. Wedihagher

    This is a ploy by weyane and handlers such fabrication sadly will appear in the thr copy and paste monitoring report, we are living in a world that create fabrications and acuse of non existent e end. Similar to the saga with lunatic Al shabab of Somalia, expect more and watch the space.

  2. Millan

    When and How did this official meetings took place?

  3. Eritrean

    This needs to be retracted this is a complete lie and lowest standards of journalism and integrity.

  4. Big lie you should bring evidence otherwise The Eritrea Govt. has the right to complain about this campiane of mad mouthing and instigating hatred for The Eritrean Govt, and the peaceful & innocent peoples of Eritrea

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