Eritrea: Hospital with Modern Equipment has Provided Efficient Services

Asmara (HAN) August 15th, 2017 – Public Diplomacy & Investment for Reginal stability. Eritrean Efforts are being exerted to upgrade Biet-Meka’e Communal Hospital so as enable it provide comprehensive services, according to Dr. Tesegereda Mehari, head of the Hospital.

Dr. Tsegereda further noted that the Hospital is so far equipped with modern ophthalmic, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, dentistry and other medical materials and thus it has been making due contribution in the provision of efficient healthcare services.

Mr. Mesfun Rusom, Ophthalmologist, on his part said that with the introduction of modern equipment the hospital has provided efficient service to over 9,000 people.

According to Dr. Asmeret Habtemariam, Dentist, over 3,000 people have visited the hospital for dental treatment.

The beneficiaries commended and expressed appreciation for the services that have been provided in the hospital.

Prenatal and postnatal services, delivery, maternal and child care and medication of communicable and non-communicable diseases are among the regular services being offered in Beit-Meka’e Community Hospital.

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