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Eritrea Has a History of Anti-Terrorism

Asmara (HAN) April 17, 2015 – Public Diplomacy, Regional humanitarian Security News. Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the allegation that Eritrea has funded or armed Al-Shabaab is ridiculous; the Eritrean government is probably the most scrupulously secular state on the Sub-Sahan African continent.

According to the director of the President’s Office and presidential spokesman: 
Eritrea was the first African nation to kick out USAID in 2005.

World Bank closed its offices in 2011 due to not having no business in Eritrea

Eritrea and Zimbabwe are the only two nation who nave not signed up with AFRICOM

Eritrea turned down the offer of hosting American military bases on suspect terms

Eritrea is working hard via self reliant development model where every citizens is to have free education,healthcare and overall dignified standard of living

Eritrea has no tolerance toward to those who want to divide our religious harmony as extreme religious Fundamentalist(Christian and Muslim) are arrested and kicked out

Eritrea was the first nation in Africa to counter Bin Laden in 1996 when he was in Sudan as he sent his Jihad troops to attack but we successfully destroyed them..We have a history of anti-terrorism.


Photo: Glen Ford, from the Black Agenda Report. Ford was a founding member of the Washington chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

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12 Responses to “Eritrea Has a History of Anti-Terrorism”

  1. Leah

    Yes,we are the best and hard worker people.I agree with you fully.Thanks

    1. Michael Tesfamariam

      Yes, it is true that terrorism hardly exist in a country which is led by lunatic and despotic leaders like Issias. In Iraq, during Sadam era, there was no terrorist apart from the regime itself. The same logic should be applied in Eritrea as well.

  2. axmed

    Mister Ford is saying United nations is an organization based on lying to the world and to themselves ? It is run by a true believer in his version of secularism ! He is megalomeniac who’s citizens are chased out of the country to pauper in Europe ,be maids in the most racist countries of the Middle East and send remittences to their families who must pay half of what they get to Isayas and the gangs in Asmara to be deposited in HSBC and other black banks , Isayas and his thugs procured weapons of AL_SHABAB terrorists from North Korea for hard currency . He is a member of Al shabaab and a terrorist for that matter.

  3. Feben

    Who is this Glen Ford and why does he run a site about black people when he is white. Is this what we gave become? We need a white american to standup for ourselves. Let’s swill ow our pride and save our country from this ductator

    1. Amanuel

      Feven, first go to school, learn how to read and write, get a degree. Next get out of government support program, get a real job. Once you do all this, then u start commenting but till then shut your big mouth up!!

      1. Nuguse

        Dear Amanuel,

        If some has a degree or what ever, does´t imply he/she is intelligent. Wisdome is based on respect so you should have to respect what ever opinon because we human being are different. To write right English is not the measure of intelligence. You can se scientists i Korea, Janpan, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Hollande, france, …. all carry out their research works with their mother language.

        Professors in mathematics, engineering, physics, Chemistry, medicine…. are not as good as in first degree graduates in arts, history, language or jounalism in English.

        So your comment on Feben is wrong and it is you who should go to school and learn not Feben.

      2. Michael Tesfamariam

        Amanuel, you sound like you had struggled a lot to get your degree and job. But, you did not seem to have overcome some of the bizarre Habesha attitudes and culture even with degree. Your characterization of the comments made by Feven is just absurd, there is nothing to do with degree and jobs, everybody is entitled to express their opinion. You could have made stronger point relevant to the subject rather than attacking someone you may not know.

  4. Roasted

    Look at you go on and on about nothing agagin and again…for how long nnow? how about knowing some facts such as what is written above, and the guy is entitled to his opinion and that is based on historical facts….so do you think when the UN backed the “colition of the willing” yes the catch word there is “the willing” …to obliterate Iraq in the name of some Phantom WMD. that was the truth for you? and the reality that Eritreans go abroad to work is nothing to be ashamed about ..I guess work is shame.for some us? and who would have thought there were more than half a million Ethiopians lived in Jedah. .only one city of KSA….I wouldn’t begin to do the sum all over the Arab countries ill leave that to you puny head…I guess that is shame as well? according to your book? When the Ethiopians travel to yemen and some die in the process…for.what you ask? Yes to work…..I guess shame huh? how about we do s9me growing up huh? till then ..I leave you to pnder and connect things that happen around you and think so Africa can change instead of bickering and hating one another …go on ..I challenge you

  5. axmed

    700 Eritrean men women and children, some of thousands who fled Esaias and the gang of 10 ,have just drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Why? Esaias and the gang of 10 forced their people to Walk 8000 miles to libya to take perilous journey to Europe and die horrible death. Mr Ford stop your rhetoric and write about these lost souls who are victims of this gulag on the red sea.

  6. Eritrean

    Nothing like a Positive Eritrean story to make all the woyane tigray ethiopian goons come out! The ultra self hating pretend Eritrean is missing from this chat tho. When is he gonna come? bet 100$ his/her handle will be selam alem kidane lol. This is a riot keep making me laugh you goons.

    Eritrean always independent never in the crap that is going around us., instigated by outsiders to weaken and destroy the horn and greater Africa.

  7. Alem k.

    Glen Ford your assessment of the criminal terrorist regime in Eritrea can only and only be correct if terrorizing your innocent and defenseless people is NOT considered as terrorism. The goons in Eritrea are not limited to terrorizing our innocent Eritreans but it is an open secret for their heinous crime inside and outside Eritrea. We have thousands of innocent Eritreans including our G-15 and our journalists decaying and dying a slow death in the dungeons and cargo containers of the criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKIS regime.
    Killing some of our innocent Eritrean Muslim brothers and displaying them as some jihadist terrorist is part of the heinous crime of the cold blooded murderer regime of ISAYAS AFEWORKI. So pls before you meddle on something you didn’t research very well get your facts straight first.

  8. Gual Ere Shikor

    Truth is Eritrea’s only Weapon. When every thing is set and done, Truth always Prevails:: “As Shaibya’s Theorem proved us in the past 50 years”

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