Eritrea: Financial and material support to disadvantaged citizens

Dekemhare (HAN) September 11. 2020. Monitoring Regional Issues. Financial and material support was extended to disadvantaged citizens in Dekmehare and Keren sub zones in connection with the Geez New Year.

Accordingly, financial and monetary support worth over 233 thousand Nakfa was extended to disadvantaged citizens in Ziban-Angeb, Dengel and Dekemhare town, Dekemhare sub zone.
The report added that 78 thousand 500 Nakfa was distributed in Ziban-Angeb and 41 thousand Nakfa in Dengel.

Furthermore, about 40 thousand Nakfa worth food items and sanitation materials contributed by affluent individuals was distributed to disadvantaged families in Dekemhare town by Medhani-Alem Church in the town.

Likewise, in Keren city over 73 thousand 500 Nakfa was extended to disadvantaged citizens, seniors and disabled nationals in Arbaeta administrative area Zone 8 and 4.

In related news, cooperative association of former members of 52nd army division in cooperation with the administration of Dekemhare sub zone renovated martyrs cemetery in the area.



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