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Eritrea: Even Children left their Families to Migrate Europe

Tripoli (HAN) February 21, 2015- Public Diplomacy and Regional Humanitarian security news. Despite the harsh surroundings they find themselves in Eritrea, many migrants seem happy to have escaped the horrors and conflicts of their homes in Eritrea.

The Eritrean boy left his family behind and if he is sent back too, he faces being conscripted into the country’s military system.

For that reason, the Eritrean boy is likely to remain in Europe where he will continue his education and to settle in Europe.

The Eritrean girls who wait anxiously for a ferry to Sicily are lucky, having survived the dangerous Mediterranean waters.

The Eritrean girls who wait anxiously for a ferry to Sicily are lucky,


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13 Responses to “Eritrea: Even Children left their Families to Migrate Europe”

  1. Alem K.

    “An Open Letter to Minister Fozia Hashim from a Former Police Interrogator.

    In Karsheli, there are prisoners who have no files and not at all known to the legal authorities. They have been locked behind bars not for months but years. All you need to do is to slightly open the doors and see the dirt, the hunger, the disease, the stink and look at their ashen- faced expression and, if there is a heart in you, your face will be washed in tears. There will be prisoners with swollen legs, dry lips, hollow eyes, skeletal faces and many who lost their minds.”

    Our silence is disintegrating our country and those of you who got the nerve of supporting the criminal dictator, and those of you who praise the ruthless murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI as your creator, and those of you who carry his picture as if he is your God, I hope you are so happy with your achievement, this agonizing horrific pictures (our kids running away from hopelessness and tyranny).

  2. axmed

    Here we are again!!!. Esayas : where is the money ?

  3. Alem K.

    Because of a cold blooded heartless junta led by a criminal thug ISAYAS AFEWORKI our Eritrea is falling apart whereas him and his criminal gangsters are stealing our treasure and saving it in China, Swiss and other banks, I guess they are planning to use it after life when they are burning in hell. What this criminals forgot is that they got their all inclusive, fully paid one way ticket to hell. Their heartless nature and blood drenched life earned them first class ticket to HELL.

  4. Alem K.

    What is sad and very disturbing is we still have Eritrean MOMS (adetat) celebrating this kind of migration, tyranny, killing, torture, murder, theft and detention of thousands of our kids, moms and dads by the ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal thugs.
    What happen to your inherited gift (AY ADE ENDYE ZEYHAZN ??????)
    When you are showing up in festivals, get-togethers (mahber ansty akeba) organized by the criminal regime don’t forget you are supporting and endorsing the failed despicable policies of the unelected regime.
    Our Eritrea is not celebrating freedom (it is a lie) not progressing towards prosperity (it is a lie) not heading towards self reliance (it is a lie) rather it is going through agony, pain and self destruction it is crying our and going through mourning.
    Put away your flag drabbed umbrellas, 10lb golden jewelries, Kerberos and lets march hand in hand and defend our kids, ABUN, and our innocent moms and dads in jail.

  5. Yen

    how do you proof that they are Eritreans this girls?

  6. Amine Emhatsion

    Long live Eritrea long live eseyas afewerki Eritreais is the most democratic country in the planet you are jjealouspeople .

  7. Jonathan

    Alem K.

    Your mind is sturbbed, I hope that you don’t get crazy next year.

  8. RealEri

    If those girls are Eritreans then I must be Russian! LOL

  9. Godisbad

    In Eritrean, WE have everything. These people who are leaving Eritrea are idiots. They are greedy. they are economy refuge.

    In Eritrea, people have FREE HEALTH CARE


  10. eisa

    I am really sad to see Eritrea falling apart. There is no fish without water and no Eritrea without its people. The ruthless dictator of Issayas and his supporters will one day face the criminal court. Those so called supporters of this ruthless regime are bunch of idiots who are derived by their personal benefit and are emotional who don’t care about the suffering of the Eritrean people. Eritrean exodus in the world now it is the result of the dictatorship and hopelessness of the people and it is not a mystery to the western world. There is no shaebia it is only one crazy man rule and wake up let us do anything possible to stop this mad man from leading the country into total collapse. It is heart breaking the dream of Eritrea was not to be like this.

    Long live the people of Eritrea
    Down to crazy issayas and his supporters

  11. Amine Emhatsion

    Those girls are not Eritrea’s or they could be it doesn’t proof any thing IIT is stupid to just post any picture and use it for your lies those girls need their privacy I wish they sue your ass stupid cheap habesha I am habesha too but when I see stupid habesha like u it make me sick scam bag you are dirt bag go to hell .

  12. Amine Emhatsion

    Alem k you are scam bag homo.

  13. Amine Emhatsion

    Watch these stupid alem k you sshould be called alemm kkkk that is negro kkk shat u mouth u don’t know what your talking about asshole homo get a hide get lost get fucked up mother fucker

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