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Eritrea: EU’s Baseless and Offensive Resolution

Press Statement

EU’s Baseless and Offensive Resolution

Eritrea rejects the offensive and counterproductive resolution the EU Council of Ministers has adopted against it today.

In what it termed as “restrictive measures for serious human rights violations”, the EU has specifically targeted Eritrea’s National Security Office in its malicious act.

The EU has no legal or moral prerogative for its decision and has merely invoked trumped-up charges to harass Eritrea for other ulterior motives.

In fact, the EU has been doggedly working to save and bring back to power the defunct TPLF clique and to undermine the region’s own efforts to address challenges and advance comprehensive and durable cooperation.  The EU has particularly targeted Eritrea in a futile attempt to drive a wedge between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


22 March 2021



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