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Eritrea: ESAT Interviewed Threats to President Isaias Afwerki

Asmara (HAN) January 25, 2015 – Public diplomacy and the Horn of Africa Intelligence file news. Against the backdrop of complicated Horn of Africa border issues and intricate developments in Eritrea, and the rush of Humanitarian issues, President Isaias Afwerki remains a powerful figure in the political fray.

The United States official in the region denied delivering any threats to President Isaias Afwerki over what Washington suspects is his role in destabilizing Southern Somalia with Al-Shabaab militant support.

Last year, the Eritrean opposition official said Washington had delivered the ultimatum ahead of sanctions that the U.N Security Council is expected to impose on President Isaias Afwerki in line with requests by former Ethiopian Prime Minister and the U.S. State Department.

Meanwhile, ESAT (Ethiopian Satellite Television) journalists who are in Eritrea conducted lengthy interview with Eritrean president Issayas Afewerki.

According to Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) Some of President Isaias Afwerki’s answers:

‘in 1991, Sudan and Somalia politicians ask me to break up, weaken and dismember Ethiopia. I said to them, “If Ethiopia ‘burns’, the region will go down with her. You don’t burn your neighbour house”.’

“Ideologically and intellectually, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party ኢሕኣፓ (EPRP) and All-Ethiopia Socialist movement መኤሶ (MEISO) were better than TPLF. But we disagreed in one thing. In how to unite the struggle.”

“We had to teach Woyane about Ethiopia. They were clueless about the people and history of Ethiopians.”

“We would like to see Ethiopia’s past glory back again. It is fundamental to the region stability.”


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40 Responses to “Eritrea: ESAT Interviewed Threats to President Isaias Afwerki”

  1. Alem K.

    Orwell knew what Vladimir Putin is doing: all dictators need an enemy
    By David Blair World Last updated: April 3rd, 2014

    “In the nightmare world of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, three vast totalitarian states were permanently at war. Big Brother needed outside enemies to rally the masses behind his rule. As ever, real life suggests that Orwell was on to something: authoritarian states do seem more likely to go to war; democracies, by contrast, very rarely fight one another.
    The country which might have modelled itself on Orwell’s vision, North Korea, duly tells its people that they are permanently on the brink of war. Whenever the tension with South Korea eases, North Korea always turns the temperature back up again. Only last week, Kim Jong-un’s regime was test-firing ballistic missiles; on Monday the army bombarded South Korean territorial waters with hundreds of artillery shells.
    Eritrea, a country that serves as Africa’s version of North Korea, lives in perpetual confrontation with its larger neighbour, Ethiopia. This allows Eritrea’s dictator, Isaias Afewerki, to maintain a huge standing army and keep his population permanently mobilised and quiescent. Both Kim and Isaias know that banging the war drum and talking endlessly of plots and enemies is a tried and tested way of staying in power. There is nothing an authoritarian leader needs more desperately than an external enemy.
    Sadly, Vladimir Putin’s behaviour over Ukraine suggests that he may have reached this stage. In a powerful piece in The New York Times, Michael McFaul, a former US ambassador to Moscow, writes that “Putin needed an enemy — the United States — to strengthen his legitimacy. His propagandists rolled out clips on American imperialism, immoral practices and alleged plans to overthrow the Putin government.”
    As we ponder why Putin has upended the post-Cold War order by grabbing a chunk of another European country, we might be wrong to think solely of issues like Nato enlargement and Ukraine’s ambition to join the European Union.
    Just as important might be the internal politics of Russia. Back at home, Putin’s seizure of Crimea has been hugely popular: his approval ratings have jumped to around 70 per cent. Meanwhile, I understand that Russian television is pumping out a daily diet of reports about fiendish Western plots to subvert and encircle Mother Russia. If Orwell was alive today, he would point out how all this serves to reinforce Putin’s grip on power. Like Big Brother in Oceania, Putin knows that conjuring up outside enemies is the most reliable way of rallying his people behind him. The Western powers think this crisis is all about them. I wonder whether, in reality, the imperatives of Russian domestic politics are just as important?”
    Written by David Blair.
    Thank you David for writing this beautiful piece, it is amazing the visionary GEORGE ORWELL could see tyrants like ISAYAS AFEWORKI how they bang the war and threat drum to tighten up their grip on power. When George Orwell was writing ANIMAL FARM it seems he could envision the deceit ,manipulation, and lie of the KEDAE, TRAITOR, MURDERER ISAYAS AFEWORKI 24 years of tyranny on our beautiful ERITREA.

    Awetn rahwan nhzbi Eritrea.

    1. elias

      Mr Alem some times you completely forgot,what you are writing?
      You talk about Esseyas? what did he do? clearly.You Jump to Putin then North coreas then you drop to eritrea….just bouncing without no point to convince us.
      President the border issue took to the court with Meles..after verdict ethiopia refused to had in the Badme.America supported this refusal….this a crime you want mention it
      ..Putin…he is not an easy man..he will face them,infact he can destroy them.Putin have a better view by african young people because he never destroyed countries…I dont understand where you find all the rubish CIA propoganda.
      North Corea….America and her friends clled them all names….!!!
      have you ever heard North corea burn any country? tell the true
      otherwise..dont write useless…why you spend time for nothing…this is 21 century,every person in the world can tell who is who? Personally Im not against any body,but when I see such rubbish…it makes me sick

      1. Alem K

        My dear friend Elias, if you are not aware of the atrocity, crime, killing, torture, enslavement and abuse inflicted on our people by the blood thirsty dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his thugs on our Eritrean people, you must be living in another planet. To mention few of the atrocities,
        1-four to five thousand youngsters are running away from Eritrea every month, because of hopelessness and endless slavery.
        2- our journalists ,G-15 and thousands of our innocent sisters and brothers like BITEWEDED ABRHA are decaying in prison without due process.
        3- we are not governed by constitution and to make matters worse the criminal ISAYAS on his new year address he told us our constitution is dead.
        I hate tyrants , I hate criminals, I hate dictators, I hate liars and thieves and ISAYAS AFEWORKI got all the traits and I hate his guts.
        Join me and millions of deleyti fthi Eritreans so we can build a democratic free Eritrea where people from different backgrounds and faiths can live in peace together.

        if you are one of those concerned what will happen to Eritrea after the demise of ISAYAS AFEWORKI here is a beautiful piece written by some body very wise.

        “those who warn that the collapse of Isayas’s regime is fraught with unpredictable consequences have a point. But they are dead wrong, if they believe that preservation of this terrorist entity is less risky. To the contrary, the removal of Isayas and his peremptory government is the only chance Eritreans have to save their country from the gangrene of systemic destruction”. Ezana Sehay

      2. Alem K.

        Elias, don’t be gutless instead of focusing on what I wrote just think for a second about our little brothers and sisters perishing in the deserts of Sinai and disappearing in the Mediterranean ocean to run away from the heartless ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
        “I m not against any body” really are you deaf or blind? may be it is time for you to wake up.

      3. Eritrean

        He is a woyane ethiopian pay no attention.

    2. Eritrea for Eritreans

      I am sorry to see these Ethiopian opposition to think that they could get help from this dictator. This is the man responsible for distablizing the whole horn of Africa coz he is mentally ill. They know that he is not elected leader in Eritrea and he has the worst leadership capability. May be the Ethiopian opposition and ESAT are goalless to make this tyrant as their ally.

      The Eritrean people looks for his immediate resignation and he is creating complex politics of the region so that he can lead long.

      Think how much Eritrean blood has this tyrant sucked and how many Eritreans are jailed. I don’t know how can someone expect good from this bullshit.

  2. Gembre

    I think this guy, Afeworki, is non-sense.

    “I can’t believe Ethiopia and Eritrea are two different countries….they are one people,”

    Are you kidding me? Thanks to you, you created a country through a sham referendum. I know TPLF has done some things wrong, but you have burnt your bridge. I don’t think there is any comeback. You better stay on your date diet sent to your from your masters.

    Eat your ports, and see how far that will take you.

    1. Alem K.

      My dear Ethiopian neighbor we Eritreans know that ISAYAS AFEWORKI is unelected self appointed criminal, and we also know that like any other tyrant dictator, he will keep on beating the war drum so he can rally support (converting our Eritrea into military state) and in the name of national security to tighten his grip on power till he die (I hope that happens soon
      See my above posted article by DAVID BLAIR under the title “dictators need an enemy”.
      At the same time you have to understand we Eritreans regardless of the crises at home, we do not have any intention of becoming part of any other country, NOT part of Sudan ,Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia or Kenya but rather a peaceful law abiding vibrant democratic neighbor.
      My friend learn to be civil and respectful, to refresh your memory if it was not for the tremendous sacrifice of our Eritrean brothers and sisters, organizing and rallying your woyane, your Ethiopia would be still decaying under the rule of the red terror criminal Mengstu Hailemariam. How you feel and how you shape your current regime is your business.
      If we are not willing to resolve our issues with civilized dialog I don’t think we will bring resolve to our differences and create stable region. It is a sure thing we cant agree on everything but we have to learn to respect our differences and abide by the rule of the law. The conflict was not between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia but rather between self serving politicians and criminals. Regardless how the conflict started or end, one thing we can agree about is there is no substitute and there is no any other option, but to create lasting peace and focus on our mutual benefits. Our generation has got an obligation to come up with a lasting solution for us and for generations to come.
      We inherit a lot of great things from our old generation but the disrespect, hate, arrogance, inferiority and solving our differences on battle fields is something we should let it get buried with the past generation. This is a new era and we are a new generation and we have an obligation to choose a new path, a path of democracy, stability, peace, freedom, civilization, education and transforming our continent into new era. We need to invest our knowledge and recourses to transform not only our region but the entire Africa so we cleanse the negative images associated with Africa ie. hunger, disease, conflict, and migration.
      Lets learn and respect to be good neighbors.

      1. Gembre

        Your response is to an idealized Ethiopian you have in mind.

        Most of what you wrote on the comment have nothing to do with mine. I am half Ethiopian and half Eritrean. So you can not consider me as your ideal Ethiopian.

        Also, I don’t think you can understand Amharic and the content of the video posted. Most of what I am talking about is of what is mentioned about Afewerki in the video.

        I admire your passion and the time you dedicated to write the comment. But you should take down your stereotypes first before you preach about lasting democracy. Not all Ethiopians want Eritrea to be part of Ethiopia. The fact you assumed I am implying that Eritrea should be part of Ethiopia speaks volumes.

        Ethiopia and Eritrea have taken different paths 24 years ago. I think it is irreversible what Afeworki and his folks did. It is great that you have aspirations for your country. The best thing for Eritrea is to forget Ethiopia and mind its own business. In the foreseeable future, I don’t see any form of economic, social, or political relation between the two countries.

        Peace out,

        1. Please gemebere,we ethiopians donot seek to reunion with eritrea.If you are a casted eritrean be there !

  3. Hi can you please send me the most important thing is that you have

  4. Isat is the Amharic program of PFDJ.Birhanu Nega,Tamagne beyene,kasa kebede,Fasil yenealem,messay …etc will be nearly assasinated by the eritrean oopositions and erritrean npeople for interferring unnecessarly in the eritrean politics.They are working day and night for the throne life of Isayas afeworki.

  5. Nabelbal

    I am sure president isaias continues to be a headache to the ethiopian government, EPRDF. Moreover, the ethiopian government is more frustrated by isaias’ political momentum. He never stops to surprise and surge slowly onto the ethiopian politics. His primary goal looks like to wipe TPLF out of Ethiopia. Evidently, it looks like it’s working for him.

    1. Eritrea for Eritreans

      He is headache not only to Ethiopia but also to the whole africa coz he is a tyrant who can’t live without beating the drum of war. Iseyas is the worst dictator on earth.

      1. wedinakfa

        I am glad His Excellency President Isays Afewerki is your night mare, you want to dislodge Isays here you go Melles the chuwawa has promised and was ready to give you weapons and like wise HD the TPLF puppet is ready too, but you behind the Pc and far away can only bark like a mad dog, keep it up if you are a man enough go and face the lion of Nacfa, but you need courage if you have it, but I doubt!!!

        1. seid

          I know u couldn’t think beyond the tip of your nose. Where ever u go, ur comments are very cheap.

  6. Alem

    Mr Alem

    are you against Putin,you look like,Did putin Destroy iraq,afganistan,somalia,sorya and the worst is Libya.That is we are living in a circle game,we never move,because you try to hide the crim.Two days a go I met a group of west african student ,they were having disuse about African Issue,most of them said one day we will wake up all african young to stop the european and American empire from the african soil,we are suffering too much from them,they never mentioned about Putin.Putin never turmoil Africa.Today be aware every body is aware,what is going on,you are on your own.But remember Im not Putin advocate r,just to tell you,this is very common sense.

    1. Alem K.

      My priority is.
      1- To campaign for the release of thousands my innocent brothers and sisters decaying in the prisons of Eritrea, jailed for no good reason and without any due process and of course by unelected self appointed criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal gangsters.
      2- To stop the tyranny, killing, torture and enslavement of our Eritrean people.
      3- To transform my Eritrea into democratic country ruled by rule of law (constitution) with respect every citizens civil right.

      How you interpret Mr. David Blair’s article and GEORGE ORWELLS book is your business and sorry arguing about Putin is not my priority.

      1. Eritrea for Eritreans

        great point! This tyrant is cancer not only to Eritreans but also to the whole horn of africa.

  7. Ibrahim

    President Issayas Afewerki is right to what he is saying.
    It is the Weyane’s who will disintegrate Ethiopia. If that is what you Ethiopians want go with Weyane and its ideology of divide and rule.
    If you are considerate of Ethiopia and Ethiopian unity you might have to think twice.
    As Eritrean we do care the peace and harmony of our neighboring countries, however the last word is up to the Ethiopians.

    1. Eritrea for Eritreans

      Iseyas is the worst dictator on universe and his longterm dream is to become Imperor of the big Ethiopia coz he has never been eritrean.

      1. sami

        With all respect, you r the virus playing with people’s mind. No body knows where u r from or what u do. I am not saying that president Isias Afwerki is perfect. No body is perfect but he is at least doing his best. R u gonna change the situation of the country from outside? I bet that posting ur comments here and there will change the situation of the country. I hope peace will come to all Africa.

        1. Cleopatra

          He is doing his best???? Have you watched CNN lately??? You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Eritrean people fought hard and defeated the strongest army in Africa. It is very sad to see them forced live the country they love in such dangers way. Our children are dying in the most unhuman way. I feel sad and helpless. Can we stop the useless/hard to believe discussions and come up with a solution for our country. The people of Eritrea suffered enough.

  8. Eritrean

    eritrean oppositions
    you are such a liar first of all you are agame not Eritrean 2- if you were an eritrean you would not say that esat is for g7 or brhanu because it is none of your business even if it is for Brhanu is not brhanu an Ethiopian ? dose not have a right to have his owen media?
    again Esat is Ethiopinas media i have ethiopian friends that they pay for esat long live esat fendaaa
    Awet n hafash agame & korakur agame kem kelbi nbhuu

  9. Elias David

    Read about the pros and cons of the US normalizing relations with Eritrea at

  10. Leave Ethiopia alone. Ethiopia is working hard and wise to defeat poverty. Ethiopia has a huge human potential and vast amount of natural resource to achieve its ambitions. We are finally in peace for more than 23 years. Thankfully, we have started to see the fruits of this brief peaceful moment. Years back we were in a position where we cannot utilize our natural resources because we were caught with unnecessary and foolish wars. Today, we are developing multi $ billion dollar mega projects in all parts of our country. Leave alone this short sighted and drunken dictator (Isayas Afeworki) nobody can stop us under the sun…..we were once great people and we will reclaim our history of greatness back. I hope our Eritrean brothers and sisters understand our ambitions in eradicating poverty from our country and leave us alone. If they want they can worship their wise leader and flee their country for his wellbeing.
    He was a risk for the horn of Africa 10 years back but today he is like a crippled and old hyena. If he tries to produce war like he did in 1998 G.C. that will be his last day in power. He knows this very well and we understand that he will not play with fire for a second time. That why, he is hiding behind a cup of liquor and spending sleepless nights. I laugh louder when I imagine his nightmares and frustrations. I also understand why he is tying some foolish tricks to buy time for his power greedy self but he knows very well that ESAT and Ginbot 7 will not produce any fruit on the ground. Poor Isayas……kikikikikikiki…..

  11. Jumbo

    Why even waste time speaking with these people? They will only stab Eritrea in the back (just like weyane did) if they ever take power.

  12. mesfun amiche

    to desperate agames (pretending eritrean ) here,
    your days are numbered.
    long live isaias
    peace for eritrea and ethiopia
    death to tplf

  13. I think eritrea has an idea to safe ethiopia in a particular Africa in general. I never heard and see any divided and rule speech from eritrea by far in my research recently. SO the president shuld a role model for Africanism. In contrary the weyane are killing and genociding our own people.

  14. wedinakfa

    The minute the lion of Nakfa His Excellency President Isyas Afewrki roars the tooth less rabid dogs come out barking.

  15. Yesak

    As you can see there is alot of insultation and hate between thi s two countries and even if the two gov’ts make peace ,the peoples are full of hate, disgratefullness specially in the new generation ,eritrean gov’t brainwashed peoples attitude towards ethiopia… They only have negative attitude Even when they are living in ethiopia…why is that “we ethiopians didn’t stop them from being the great singapor eof africa???”

  16. Long_Live_Isaias Afwerki

    Long live Afoworki Issayas !

    I hope and wish that Issayas get to rule Eritrea going past 500 years even for thousands of years. Eritreans deserve all the punishment and misery brought upon them by a man once they regarded as their God appointed Messiah who will deliver them into prosperity and utopian society while keeping Ethiopia as a landlocked , starved and war-ridden failed country.

    Praise be to God , If the political discourse went according to Eritrean’s aspiration and desire , Ethiopia would have been a chaotic and failed estate.

  17. Simon

    Eritreans are a unique people in Africa

  18. Simon

    Ethiopa and Eritrea people are not the same Eritreans are unique in Africa

  19. Awot

    We eritreans are unique people in Africa,we are not black.No country can fight with us.we are the America of Africa.Esayas is a democratic leader

    1. Eritrean

      Why do woyane love to impersonate Eritreans Awot??.., you impersonate us to get welfare in white countries the least you could do is not badmouth us on the internet lol.

    2. Cleopatra

      Democratic leader??? Have you voted lately??? Since when a democratic leader rule for over 20 years? People from countries with democratic leaders do not take a dangerous journey like we are seeing in CNN lately.

  20. Yeshambel Belay

    Dear Eritrean
    Leave us to live our life. If Issayas is good for you keep with him.what we want is peace in our country. You are the one who are leaving your country through jungle and desert of Eritrea. If you have a right to live and to leave why so not yo use your passport. At least all Ethiopia has the right to leave and live the country.

    Secondly we know how your business people do business. Do they have a right to practice business freely. If so why Eritrean business people are more successful in their country than in other Africa countries.
    Please leave us to live peace full life.

    1. Eritrean

      Ethiopia is occupying Eritrea., i would put your words back in your mouth!., Please please please leave us the hell alone. Isaias is a warrior through and through., just like my uncles just like my aunts just like our martyrs. He never said anything about Ethiopia and democratizing it. The people who want to do that are Ethiopian. Why are there Thousands of Ethiopians ready to take arms?., Ethiopia policy is no war no peace. Eritrean policy is get off our land.

      Our people leave to go to Europe to send money to family in Eritrea. Your people leave to make a living in Somalia and Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Lets not go to migration. People do it for many reason and i don’t want to bad mouth Ethiopia on it like you are doing to Eritrea. Stick to the issue. You want us to leave you alone., well we are not the ones with no peace no war declaration. our stance is always to the international community to hold Ethiopia accountable to its WORDS and Its Signature on its honor. No more no leave. So please stop it with the leave us along crap PLEASE for god sakes leave US the hell alone.

  21. qalu

    Hi,to say thank you to Mr President Issayes Afuwerki,after too many things said about president Afuwerki and devil meles zenawi(dead man),i respect both people,the fact that they were one family who oprate to work for mosoloni also dead man from italy.a close friend of hitler.all the men of ethiopian a.d now eritreans were same people,just mosoloni divide them.example gurage people is from akale guzay ,so they were eritrieans.i eat eritrean restorant evryday.i like ertrean girl they cook good,they are beautifull,the know how to pay back for your give,they are just look like ,e except their language,they were me than any people i met from any contry.”shee sew yememerewin bemekir egiziabher kasebewina kewese.ew beqer ye,ihon yelem” Ate Susinioys 15c.

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