Nairobi (HAN) October 29, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional food Security Initiatives News. Eritrea Sanction: Neocolonialism, bias, crime, bully, Inhuman, premeditated, unjust, Illegal, unfair, subversion, cheating, Hideous, hostile, intimidation, cruel, betrayal, Irrational, senseless, disgusting, false, naughty, barbaric. Watch let us know what you think below.



  1. These are typical HAMASEN profiters who are behind The Cartoonish tyrant who bullies his people out of their homes to die in Sinai desert or the shores of Europe. We need our inevitable mother land Ethiopia to come to our rescue.

  2. cheap propaganda to keep the Hamasen tyrant in power .Sanctions must be kept in place and tightened . He is worse than Kim Jung Un of North Korea . Isaias must go for peace to prevail .

  3. it is sad to see some from the weyane Ethiopian elite waging a war against Eritrean people. you can sanction Eritrea by the help of US but you can’t kneel down Eritrea’s resilience but again shame and congratulation for being western puppet. Eritrea future is brighter and brighter the higher you build the barrier the higher eritrea become.


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