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Eritrea: Equitable Land Use

Asmara (HAN) October 16, 2015. Public Diplomacy and Regional Security Initiatives New. Mr. Woldemicael Abraha, Minister of Local Government, stressed the need for meticulous implementation of the all provisions of the Land Proclamation (No.58) of 1994.  These remarks were made at public meetings the Minister held on October 14 and 15 this week in the cities of Medenfera and Decamhare in the Southern Region.

Minister Woldemicael emphasized that relevant Line Ministries, local administrations and the various regional and district level assemblies have to work in a coordinate and harmonized mode to ensure full and effective implementation of the land law.

Equitable land use is the right of every citizen but the law is also clear on illegality of land lease and other illicit practices, Minister Woldemicael pointed out. The participants urged for tight regulatory supervision and enforcement of proper land use and the timely settlement of land disputes. Shabit



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