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Eritrea: Diplomat sent an Open Letter to John Kerry

Khartoum (HAN) May 30, 2014 –  An Eritrean diplomat sent a diplomatic Letter to secratry of State John Kerry: First and foremost, I would like greatly thank you for your cordial gesture to congratulate the Eritreans for 23rd Independence Day. I believe that a journey starts with small step forward. However, I would like to inform you that Eritrean government is Eritrean People (one nation-one people). Unfortunately, a vast majority of African governments do not represent the people.

There are validation that many African leaders governed their people with “barreled of gun” to suit their greed’ appetite of stealing billions of monetary into their Swiss bank account, nepotism’s promotion, and living leisure life when their majority of people are subjected to abject poverty, chronic diseases, fundamental education.

On contrary, the Government of Eritrea has continuously strived for betterment the life of Eritrean’s people since the independent of Eritrea. For example, the government with its meager budget has managed to eradicate several chronic diseases. Also, the government has reduced the infant mortality rate in astonishingly figures and has build primary and secondary educations all over the region of Eritrea. The government leaders are relentlessly building the nation of Eritrea in all sectors.
Mr. Kerry, the common of denominator of Eritrean’s people is the Eritrean’s government. Unlike many African governments where there is division between the government and the people, but there is no division between the Eritrean people and the government. I would like to remind you (Mr. Kerry ) the word “Shabia: which it means people in Tigre’s language”. So, the incumbent government of Eritrea is shabia in the past, now, and in future.
In future, I would like to inform you that there is no minuscule variations between the Eritrean’s people and Eritrean’s government. Many countries has send their 23rd Independence congratulation gesture to the government of Eritrea and the Eritrean people at same time. Because these countries do acknowledge that the Eritrean’s government is for/by the people of Eritrean. God bless our beloved America & Eritrea

Yosef  T
Awet n Hafashi
Eternal Glory to our Martyrs.



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15 Responses to “Eritrea: Diplomat sent an Open Letter to John Kerry”

  1. dan

    Well done every Eritrean in the globe is the product of the Shabia. We are behind our government.

  2. john

    Mr John Kerry is well seasoned diplomat who knows very well about Eritrea and its dictator . That’s why he congratulated the Eritrean People , not Isayas. The US government stands by Eritrean people , not by the side of Eritrean dictator. when the power of isayas awerki comes to an end ,Eritrea will elect its leader , will became a democratic nation , THEN john Kerry will send letter to The government AND people Eritrea.

  3. Harnet

    The most unopened mind and bind folded of people of the world are those who support the most oppressive, totalitarian and authoritarian government of the world that doesn’t represent the people of Eritrea is the so called the Eritrean government. The brainwashed people don’t have their own idea and they don’t realized the real situation of Eritrea. They repeat again and again what Eri tv and what the government say on their mass media. supporters can bring their family members to abroad through Asmara Airport without complete or participate in the compulsory military service program. While others become victims of people traffickers, sea and desert disasters. The so called Eritrean government hasn’t a legal rule of law. Eritreans have been suffering for the last 23 years by home grower dictators. Even Eritrean people don’t have a contract with the EPDF the only political party in the country. They have led the country on their own ways without centralized their idea as a result the people suffered for more than two decades. Therefore , Mr Kerry’s message to and wishes to the Eritrean people is the right and at most in the eve of the fall down of the so called government.

    We wish a democratic and peaceful country Eritrea in future.

    1. Warsai

      Blablablabla, ouf, ouf, ouf, I am a upporter and my whole family is in Eritrea and my brother is 5th round, hamushay zuria, still protecting his country from external and internal enemies, from opportunists, greedy people who are ready to sell their mothers for 1000 dollars. I don’t need to watch EriTv, I don’t have it anyways and I don’t need it, I can buy my ticket go directly to my beloved country and made my own opinion. From your writings, I can see you have no idea about what you are talking or are you one of those human traffickers? I would not be surprised. So stop barking, go back to your life which is the real thing to do for your own brain and dignity. Ciao 🙂

  4. Warsai

    You can chant whatever you like; you will NEVER EVER change the truth! Betri hakis tiketn imber aitsbers! Isayas is not a dictator, don’t worry, Kerry and his country administration, knows it better than you as they have created this image, not because they love the people of Eritrea, they don’t give a shit to any people of the world, just because they have their own interests. So, sold outs, dumps, weyane and weyane wanabe like, the more you keep your mouth shut the better it is for your own dignity. Eritrean people are Eritreans ambassadors; they are the government and the people of Eritrea. NOTHING CAN CHANGE THIS!. But as we always say, the dogs keep barking while the camel marches. Eritrea will continue its development, our enemies want it or not, we will never ever derail our progress and YES we will be an example to Africa. We know that frightens them and why they are so frightened. But hey, they have exploited Africa for centuries, enough is enough. Eternal Glory To Those who Liberate Our Country. We will be there to protect out territorial, economical, social, psychological independence. Those who pretend to love us and come with their hidden agenda to divide Eritrean People, they can hit the road. Ciao 🙂

  5. dani

    Are you kidding me? what do you mean the government and the people are One? Are you living on Mars. How many Eritrean people has suffered because of the corrupted government, how many people are been in jail because of their believe .

  6. Michael

    Mr Yosef no matter what you try, you can say on behalf of hegdef/Isiyas and not the Eritrean people. Because the so called the government of Eritrea is not elected by the people

  7. Asmara Eritrea

    Sadly the so called Eritrean Government is without a mandate and as such has no support of the people who are fleeing out of the country in huge numbers every single day. Why? Repression by a brain dead so called president who is simply unable to put two and two together. Eritrea’s suffering will continue unmitigated whilst this brain dead person and his lucky diplomat like the one in Sudan are in power.

    The people of Eritrea should unite to create a government for the people and run by the people.

    Eritrea forever, death to the dictator.

  8. elia

    Aye Kery,I think now CIA might have tol him,we cant change eritrea in to Iraq,most of the eritrea people were suffering from 40 years American criminal oplicy,it is better to say congara,but our job will be continue.Two years a go a Rueter reported from asmara,he said I met many young in asmara and told me they want to go america for better life and education but the older never forget the criminal/amereica policy…John Foster Delas/…aye crime…
    I have a friend who went Adis last year represet some opposionists…he told me after a meeting many of the cadre weyani told us/me…why you opposition are so weak ,unlike the former…oppositionists/wedogeba/so strong and so dedicated with few pocket of money…he told me Im shock…why…those weyani told you the truth…they are right….they told you clearly…Ethiopian leader will never ever change to wards eritrean people…and american cia aswel.
    So what you are doing is repeat the dirty history,thousands of eritrean people gunned down in a big gallary by criminal ethiopian leader suported by unites states,,,,isnt true?
    35 party oppositionists are ready to any dirty if they get chance to their own people.

  9. I dont believe the americans want to see a better and democratic eritrea where the low rules.. If it so they should have done in the 50 where eritrea was much more better conilstitutionaly and civilization. We must aware the fact that american nationa interest comes first before democracy and equality. We were bleeding heavily during the armed struggle by the derg regim of ethiopia by military arsenals given by the american government as if the derg regim is legimate and democrat. In which previous acts of americans can we build our trust this time round? Excutting the armed struggl by americans during our struggle is excutting the people of eritrea. Finish and clear. Look previouse friends country of america iraq,maput sesseseco DRC,,derg of ethiopia,aparthid of south africa,mubarek of egypt, so no wonder if number one priority of us is their national interest than any other democracy. We dont trust any one but our selfe even though the once hero turned to a monester and dictator self clamed leader of eritrea we have capable of turnning our fate ourselfe for good.what time it takes we are not turn our face to our old bleedy historic enemies

  10. Stefanos Temolso

    Yosief T, if what you said is correct why are so many Eritreans going out of the country? If the People and the government are one and the same why doesnt Isayas allow them to say their mind. This is just to bring you to Your senses. I am sure you are a parrot and simply repeat what Your boss tells you. But the day of reckoning will come. Countless Eritreans are rotting in NeXT to hell prisons and you are not ashamed to tell us a blatant lie!!!!!!! In fact you are a miserable guy to say so: Poor guy and all the others who have written the opposite of what the brutal regime is.

  11. Negasi

    First I would like to thank Secretary Kerry for his congratulations to the Eritrean people on their Independence Day. Indeed the people of Eritrea are the creators of their revolution destined to triumph and masters of the achieved victory. They won the long and bitter struggle by paying all the heavy sacrifices of their sons and daughters in addition to their full popular support materially and morally. Unfortunately it is so sad and a terrifying history that the result of their heavy sacrifices had been robbed and betrayed by a small clique headed by a one man show of tyrant brutal dictator.
    In his letter to secretary Kerry Mr Yosef T a “Diplomat” from Khartoum tried to write a rosy fictions that never reflect the present genuine situation of Eritrea and the horrific existence of its people. In the contrary in order to save his diplomatic position he chose to give lip service to his master and tried to blame the whole African leaders. What a shame!! a country who lost and dispersed its young generation in every corner of the globe, a country that never govern by the rule of law and never have a constitution from day one after its independence, a country with no sign or smell of democratic election of its leaders, a country that had been dominated its economic sector by one and only dictatorial party and never allows to prosper any individual citizen, a country that shut down its only one university and dispersed its own professional educators, a country that jails it’s own citizens with no charging or due process of Law from 14- 22 years ……etc Oh my God!!! is it the best country in Africa? Does a people who struggled for total independence and full Freedom deserve this kind of one man show type of governance?
    Mr Yosef T you can cheat yourself for the sake of retaining your individual interests, and those poor fellow who lives in Empty sympathy with the dictator and those who have identity crises could cheat themselves. But finally the truth will come and shed its shining lights to your shameful lies and the present horrific political situation.
    it is definitely sure change is inevitable it is only a matter of time. The real and genuine democratic Eritrea governed from the people by the people is coming!!

  12. Danny

    Dear Yosef,

    Mr. Kerry doesn’t have time for your ethnocentric nonsense! One-Nation-One-People and Zero University!

    And look at your English grammar Mr. ‘Diplomat’: “Mr. Kerry, the common of denominator of Eritrean’s people is the Eritrean’s government.”

    I think somebody is playing a joke!

  13. Dawit Ocbai

    Thank You John Kerry for knowing the difference between the Eritrean people and the Barbaric leadership in Eritrea. Our people are suffering under this un-elected village Idiot for the last 23 years and I hope this Junior Diplomat(Yosef) will stand up against his boss soon and stand by his people.

    Awet n Hafashi and Freedom to people of Eritrea
    Eternal Glory to our Martyrs and I hope soon DIA will join them.

  14. super man

    4,000,000 HEARTS.

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