Eritrea: Dictator Mengistu interview on Eritrean issues

London (HAN) December 14, 2014 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Strategic Interview with Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam.

The Eritrean freedom fighters  (ELF and EPLF) fought a 30 year bloody war against the greed of super Powers such as The USSR elements in Ethiopia and the US support of King Haille Sillase before 1974.  According to Presient Isyas Afwerki of Eritrea, this was NOT a TRIBAL war, this was NOT a war of GREED, this was a war for SURVIVAL and Righteousness, and Eritrea Prevailed.

”There’s great uncertainty about which way things are heading in Eritrea,” said Dr. Abdullahi Mohamad, an IGAD security scholar specializing in the Eritrean political history. ”But this is also the most crucial moment in the 20 years since independence from Ethiopia.”

In recent years, the Eritrea has become ”the most indebted African country in the world relative to its size in the Horn of Africa,” said an Egyptian economist in Khartoum.

”Eritrea People are disappointed that there have not been more changes,” said an Eritrean schooler in Khartoum. ”We have so many problems in Eritrea and diaspora that need to be addressed strategicaly.”

London: Colonel Mengistu last year in power,1990 English Documentary

Col. Mengistu Archives: Ethiopia’s Lt. Col. Haile Mariam Mengistu (L) walking with Egypt’s Pres. Hosni Mubarak (R) at the new Egyptian presidential headquarters at Heliopolis. (Photo by Thomas Hartwell)


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4 Responses to “Eritrea: Dictator Mengistu interview on Eritrean issues”

  1. jumbo

    Eritreans don’t need any advice from fascist Ethiopian killer like Mengistu. He should be arrested for his crimes such as like dropping napalm in Massawa.

  2. assefaw

    Well…probably the only one who is takin advices from menghistu is the eritrean president its self…considering that he turned this amazing country in an open jail and its wonderful people into no dignity prisoners and slaves….


    we LOVE mengestu hailemaryam!!!! he is the one we Ethiopians like him.we were the strongest nation!!!!

  4. Gemech@@

    This story/interview is 20 something years old. ur title suggests the interview was conducted in December 2014. Even if that was true it still won’t make any difference what dictator Col. Mengestu has to say as he has a lot of innocent people’s blood in his hand.
    All the so called scholars who claims to be specialist in Eritrean internal politics haven’t got any ideas n they just talk from the same page of negative propaganda that was directed to harm n dismantle this new nation, yes Eritrea have a lot of challenges now. The sanction by itself is hurting the country badly.

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