Eritrea: Desert Locust invasion put under control

Asmara (HAN) September 13. 2020. Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. Monitoring Regional Issues.The desert locust infestation that appeared in Tahra district area Selea’ sub zone in the Gash Barka region has been put under control through coordinated efforts by the ministry of agriculture, residents of the sub zone and defense force units.

According to reports from ERINA, the desert locust infestation that came across Habero subzone was stretched on 42 hectares of land but was put under control thanks to the coordinated effort.

Despite this achievement, some desert locust swarms have managed to cross to Sheriet area and that constant follow up will be reinforced till the infestation is put under control, according to further reports.
Pointing out that most of the desert locust invasion that has infested several parts of Eritrea since mid-August remains under control, the Ministry of Agriculture called on farmers to remain vigilant and make instant follow ups until their crops are fully harvested.



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