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Eritrea Denies Reports that Canadian Bisha Mine was Bombed

Asmara (HAN) March 26, 2015 – Press Release  and  Regional security News. A SPOKESMAN for President isyas Afwerki has denied “rumours” circulating online that the Bisha mine was bombed by Ethiopian air force.

Officially Eritrea’s presidential spokesperson, “Eritrea denies reports that Bisha mine was bombed by Ethiopia”

According to Eritrea’s presidential spokesperson, “I can’t believe I’m reading this tabloid-like news on MineWeb. Bisha mine was not bombed by Ethiopia. I reing teat, no fighter jets bombed Bisha mine. Ethiopia does not have the capacity to bomb Bisha mine.”

In fact, the Ethiopian Air Force is grounded because over 30 of its members, along with several multi million dollar fighter jets and helicopters, have defected to Eritrea within the last 12 months alone. After shutting down for maintenance on March 13, Bisha is on-track for re-start this week.

Where on earth does a small mine get bombed by fighter jets and have no causalities, and not miss a beat in operation? It’s absurd. Why isn’t common sense being used here? Every comment on here, with the exception of mine, are by Ethiopian regime supporters. Please ignore them, they will tell you anything so long as if its to economically hurt Eritrea. Have you guys wondered by Reuters, AP, BBC, AlJazeera and other credible news sources have stayed away from this phony Ethiopian Air Force bombing news? Because they know it never happened, that’s why.

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11 Responses to “Eritrea Denies Reports that Canadian Bisha Mine was Bombed”

  1. selam

    Even this information is not true you are the number one lairs and we all Eritreans know you better. You always creat lies over lies does the word credibility come to you by any means.
    If you want to be heard please be fair and balanced news website.

  2. Arega Tadesse

    O yayayaaaaa u must be jocking broken back bone is hardly repaired that is whats happenning in Erritrea hopping to heal u r trying to denie;however;splashed watercan’t be collected.

  3. Eritrean

    Woyane goons are going nutz trying to sabotage and annoy Eritrea since that is all they are capable of.

    I feel pity for such loathsome and illogical creatures.

    Also i don’t see the houti story.. geeska.. did Djibouti goverment finally back down on unfounded news and tell you to take it down?. This is becoming a mockery of a website please have SOME journalistic ethics!! i know its alot to ask from an Ethiopian western lapdog country/site but please find your African soul.

    1. Caravelle

      How easy we become distracted; it is not as easy as blaming everything on woyane and the west. There are two matters that need resolution:

      1) Ethiopia to adhere to the UN demarcation ruling on Badme; they should be placed under sanctions for not adhering; and

      2) The removal of PIA and the PFDJ regime; there is simply no excuse for a constitution and judicial system not being in place; out heroes from the 1961-1991 are languishing in prisons or are dead with no due process being afforded.

      And, you are wrong if you believe that it is beneficial to be name calling TIgray, woyane, agame, etc.; for it is not. Sooner of later we must amend our political differences for the benefit of future generations. Less, we must not forget that we are indeed from the same ethnicity and gene pool.

  4. leake asres-ethiopia

    i don’t believe in which ethiopia attcipates for boombing eritrea. some media may expened their time to say such things. but we ethiopian know it very well. our government never do such deteriorated event except if it find an obstucle for its nice progress for development. we are on the way of building our country together. and we need to see our nieghibours like our selves. if ethiopia was desiring to boomb eritrea the time is not to day but it would have been at the time of conflicting ethio-ertirea war at badme in the past decade. so please please with out eye witness don’t believe for those media. but i have some critisism for eritrean government in which our defected helicopters must be turned to thier land because they are our property. good luck for ethio-eritrea peoples!

  5. Visionary

    The Eritrean bandits’ lower back bone was broken during operation sunset. And what happened at the bisha mining centre is just to cutoff the fingers pointing at our country. The Ethiopian government is not lauding about it and let the devil scream while burning from inside. What amazes me though is the level of lies towards the Eritrean brothers and sisters. Lie after lie probably none stop. Shaebiya has learned two things since the war with Ethiopia: mission impossible against ethiopia (suicidal) and the other one is how to lie to the Eritrean people, pretending like they are still breathing as if nothing happened
    The shabiya mafias can steal but can’t govern even a small village

  6. I am an eritrean diplomat but supporting not the dictator but the eritrean people.we eritrean diplomats have a clear, definite,unbiased informationan that the Bisha mine has been hit by the ethiopian military and we have confirmed this on ground.But the regime in asmara stiill tries to lie the reality fearing the bad condition that will face later.

  7. Asmara Eritrea

    The people of Eritrea, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your dictator. Karl Marx

    Eritrea forever, death to People’s Front for Dictatorship and Injustice (PFDI)

  8. SOLO

    This is pure woyane propaganda after ESAT went to eritrea and brought back videos and pictures that show the presence of well armed Ethiopian patriots in Eritrea. those eritreans who hate president aferwki need to realize that he may be a dictator but he has held his country together. woyane on the other hand has divided Ethiopia in to so many bantustan states that it is a matter of time before that country explodes and fractures in to pieces. hopefully, the people of Ethiopia will come through and keep the country together.

  9. Gemechis

    This has been approved by many media outlets that the only profitable Gold mining of Eritrea has been hit by the Ethiopian air forces.Reason,is that Shaebiya has to stop intervention to Ethiopia.This is a warning if any thing happens to Ethiopia , Ethio has got full capacity of destroying the main economic sectors of Eritrea. In fact, The bisha mining has been the only source of getting dollars to the terrorists and has helped the government to breath small by small.Next may come the worst condition if Shaebiya still tries to put his hand to Ethiopia developmental situation.

  10. Alem K

    The King of tyranny, the Master of disaster and the Father of crises ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    Our criminal tyrant skillfully demonstrated to the world how to stay in power for 24 agonizing years by betraying your friends and family and dismantling and destroying a vibrant and thriving people and still managing to have followers.
    Our manipulative, control freak tyrant like every dictator out there he thinks he is an economist, architect, statesman, educator, military strategist, philosopher, internationally recognized leader, a doctor and a lawyer where as in reality he is a failure as a father, prostitute as a husband, clueless in economy, arrogant and out of touch in world politics, a menace as a leader. To his credit though, he is the master of manipulation, father of deceit, and very sophisticated on killing his seating duck opponents.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea.

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