Eritrea Daily: Contribution towards Martyrs trust fund

Contribution towards Martyrs trust fund

Asmara, 22 April 2016- The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare indicated that Eritrean nationals residing in different countries contributed 125 thousand Nakfa, 400 USD and 500 Euro towards the Martyr’s trust fund.

The members of Eritro-German association contributed 120 thousand Nakfa, the Eritrean community in Baden-Baden, Germany, 500 Euro and two nationals residing in Arizona, USA, 400 Dollars.

Likewise, the family of Mr. Gebretensae Woldegebriel contributed 5000 Nakfa towards Martyr’s trust fund.

Italian medics conducting surgery

Asmara, 22 April 2016- Italian medical team is conducting Orthopedic surgery at the Halibet Hospital.

According to Dr. Solomon Tsegai, head of Surgical Unit at the Hospital, the Italian medical team “Annuliamo La Distanza” had been active in strengthening the good relationship between Eritrea and Italy since 1998 and has conducted surgeries for children with Orthopedic disorders for many years.

He further indicated that the Medical Team in the past four years invested for the construction of 12 rooms including surgical, sterilization, ware house, toilets and bed rooms for doctors and others.

The newly built building that was operational recently is equipped with modern medical equipment assisted by the Italian medical team.

According to Dr. Luili Prosperi, the coordinator of the medical team, indicated that the Italian medical team comes to Eritrea twice a year to conduct Orthopedic surgery for children and also to share experiences with the Eritrean medical professionals.

The ‘Annuliamo La Distanza” Italian medical team is one of the medical teams that conduct medical assistance to far distance countries and for the 12th time it is conducting surgery in Eritrea. 1200 patients have been beneficiaries so far.

The medical team encompasses one Medical doctor, three specialist nurses, one anesthesiologist and one Technician.

Efforts to improve women’ status

Asmara, 23 April 2016 – Efforts exerted in the Central region towards improving women’s role in society through making advances in education and health have borne fruitful outcome, NUEW Chairwomen of the region Ms. Alem Belay disclosed.

Giving emphasis to the inspiring role women played in pre and post independent Eritrea, which has greatly amplified their status among the society at large, Ms. Alem said that over 11 million Nakfa investment has been made since liberation to equip women with various vocational skills in addition to the extension of micro-credit loans to over 5,000 members engaged in various businesses, rearing livestock and construction activities.

She also indicated the positive outcome recorded by women in national developmental programs in general and soil and water conservation, enhanced life- skills and illiteracy eradication programs in particular.

Public meetings in the Southern Red Sea region

Assab, 23 April 2016 – Public meetings jointly organized by the Southern Red Sea region and the PFDJ aimed at increasing the awareness of the general public on ‘People’s Authority’ were conducted in the sub-zones of Assab, Tio, Idi, Afambo, Wade, Ado and Kiloma.

The public meetings highlighted the experience gained in pre and post Independent Eritrea with regards  the establishment of Regional Assemblies, Community Courts and Regional and sub-zonal administrations in promoting social justice and people’s participation in nation building endeavors.

The work manager of the region Ambassador Mohammed Seid Mantai pointed out that praiseworthy development programs have been implemented through the strong participation of the public and called on the sub-zonal and village administrators to encourage the public to reinforce participation for the success of the charted out development programs in the region.

He further called on the public to be cautious in electing their area administrators and regional Assembly representatives.

Participants of the meetings also reassured their unreserved commitment to strengthen participation in the implementation of the outlined developmental programs in the region.




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