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Eritrea: Council Asked information About G-15 members

Asmara (HAN) July 7, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Humanitarian News – UN Human Rights Council are preparing a resolution condemning Eritrea over G-15 members report.

Resolution condemns Eritrea’s targeting of G-15 members; while President Afwerki responded: Council neither interested in facts nor human rights in Eritrea.

The UN Human Rights Council has drafted a resolution to extend the mandate of the Special Rapporteur as well as the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea after holding an interactive dialogue on the Commission of Inquiry’s report last week. The Report found that the Eritrean government is committing “systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations … in a climate of generalized impunity.”

The Council’s draft resolution commended the Commission of Inquiry “for completing its work in a transparent, impartial and consultative manner,” and it reiterated its deep concern at the “grave violations of human rights by the Eritrean authorities against their own population and fellow citizens.”

The UN Human Rights Council also condemned “the extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary and incommunicado detentions, and human rights violations in the context of indefinite national service, including those involving forced labor, forced military conscription of children and sexual violence.”

The Human Rights Council has asked the Eritrean Government to provide the High Commissioner of Human Rights with detailed information of detained persons, “including members of the G-15, journalists, those detained in the aftermath of the takeover on 21 January 2013 of the building housing the Ministry of Information in Asmara, and 19 Djibouti-an combatants.”

Photo: Isaias Afewerki Isaias Afewerki has been  president since 1975 (EPLF)

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5 Responses to “Eritrea: Council Asked information About G-15 members”

  1. Seid

    This sick person call Isaise has killed and detained tens of thousands citizens. The country is rulled by fear and not by rule. The council shouldn’t only condemn this nasty dictator BUT should lead his case to ICC. The world will be shocked if the classified files of the regime are exposed.

    1. Truth

      Seid, Phsyco, Moron, what do you know about Eritrea? while the Western Countries trying to Corner Eritrea to the edge, just because Eritrea chooses Independent path, lies, lies more lies, to punish Eritrea and make her bend over like you guys did, BIG, NO WAY, over our dead body, i feel sad when our fellow African brothers became tools of NEO Colonisation over their own Eritrean brothers, Eritreans said no to AID, Aid is nothing but crippling you. My fellow Africans you should follow Eritrean path. Glory to Eritrean People.

  2. jumbo

    Just a continuation of the anti-Eritrean UN policies, from the days of Ethiopian colonization, til today. The Eritrean people and government will continue on the path of economic development, improved child and maternal health, and infrastructure improvements, among other goals. UN hostilities couldn’t stop Eritrean independence, and it won’t stop Eritrean progress today.

  3. tedros kiflay

    I am wondering till now there are some idiots goint to the street of Europe supporting the brutal Regime of Issayas Wedi Tembien geza sewate deki simon which he falsely claim to be Eritrean but for the last more than 40 years he was destroying the base of identity and history of Eritrea to bring it to the level of Tigray, so being on the same level he is dreaming to be king of Tigray tigrigni

  4. dawit

    This guy is enemy of his own people who change his country to hell hole .the suffering of The people is beyond borders .and still his thugs Want to tell us the whole world is conspiring on this tiny country really funny .anyway the truth is on its way to be exposed thank you

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