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Eritrea: Community in Israel express readiness to enhance armed struggle

Asmara (HAN) November 4, 2014 – Public diplomacy and Regional Energy Security and safety news.

At recent meetings, Eritrean community members in the Israeli cities of Eastern Tel-Aviv and Ashdod have expressed readiness to enhance role in State affairs through enhanced organizational capacity.

The Eritrean Ambassador to Israel, Tesfamariam Tekeste, gave briefings to the participants of the meetings focusing on the armed struggle for independence and safeguarding national dignity, as well as in reinforcing the national development drive. He further stressed the need for higher awareness on the part of citizens with a view to building a prosperous nation. The participants on their part expressed readiness to step up input to this end.


Aftum Mahari an Eritrean refugee living in Tel Aviv about the plight of an asylum seeker in Israel and the tragedy of the drowning victims. Many in the crowd in tears or with their heads bowed in prayer, Christian and Muslim leaders from the community gave words of benediction and lit memorial candles on the pavement at the center of the park.


Meanwhile, members of the Eritrean community branch in Tel-Aviv reiterated readiness to implement a specific government project, in addition to the initiative of contributing USD 50 each towards patronizing families of fallen heroes.

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5 Responses to “Eritrea: Community in Israel express readiness to enhance armed struggle”

  1. Alem

    If I was President of Eritrea for a day | (By Philemon Habtom)

    If I was President of Eritrea for a day

    By assenna on September 27, 2014

    If I was President of Eritrea for a day……..

    Let me ask you this If you were President for a day, what would you do?

    If I was President of Eritrea for a day I would have done this:

    •First thing in the morning I would have set free all prisoners of conscience or any one imprisoned illegally. Then I would have apologies and beg for their forgiveness on behalf of the nation for all the highest degree of injustice they suffered all those years
    •Then bring all perpetrators to face justice in the courts.
    •Compensate and help the victims to recover quicker
    •Call the entire nation for an all-inclusive national dialog for truth, reconciliation
    •Implement the national Constitution and Declare Eritrea a free Republic that respects and upholds the rights of all Eritreans citizens
    •Conduct free and fair election
    •Build strong national institutions that protects freedom and democracy
    •End all types of forced servitude
    •Make peace with all nations of the world who want the same mutual peace and cooperation
    •Declare war on our number one enemy corruption and hunger
    •Make education and health care an absolute top priorities
    •Encourage and support business and hardworking job creators
    •Create a social welfare system so that people on poverty are not left alone to face poverty hardship alone.
    •Create a system that insures balanced distribution of investment and wealth to all corners of the country. No region should be left behind.
    •Create a well-funded national defence force to defend our national interests as well as off course the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea
    •Defend Women equality for the same right, respect and dignity as men
    •Promote for peace, harmony, tolerance and order

    If I was President of Eritrea for a day that is what I would have done, and on the second day I probably would have rested have some beer and wine with loved ones and marvel at the bright future ahead for Eritrea.

    Unfortunately we have no elected, people fearing president but a despotic tyrant who is on power frankly by his own power and abilities. He is not responsible nor is accountable to anyone but himself. So we cannot really expect him to do what we the people want. As far as Isaias Afwerki is concerned he is running his own state NOT a Peoples’ Republic. Until the person of Eritrea rise up and overthrows this despot there will be no real reform.

    Feel free to add your ideas to the above list. If you were President of Eritrea for a day, what would you do?

    Philmon Habtom
    Thank you brother Philemon for writing this beautiful piece, and for challenging us to answer the question “If you were a president of Eritrea for a day, what would you do? My answer is since your ideas would create a vibrant progressive democratic Eritrea I would cast my vote so you serve the full term as a president under the constitution and watch you like a hawk so you don’t betray us by manipulating the constitution.

    1. President for life

      Start by being a good son, friend, husband , father, citizen and then worry about becoming a president. We all are good to criticize one another and that is what we are good at. I don’t support what goes on but I know I would not be better than our president b/c I am not perfect on what I am currently. It is a daily fight to stand on our feet. I do understand what you are questioning, the answer is not that simple. Cleaniness starts from your home so practice that and may be one day you will become a good president and not just a president.
      Beside running a country is not that simple. Pray for good change, there is also bad change and things could go for worse.. Let us be thankful for today and ask for a better tommorow. Pray for you leaders don’t just hide in a screen and bash your leader. No matter what these people fought and did wonders to put our flag fly up high. Something bad must have happened for things to turn wrong. Be strong, be positive and beside be a good citizen and have pride in our history. Don’t cretizise you own, hope for better. Remember free and fair is music to your ear. You can only hear that but will never know who rigged it. There is no free and fair in this unfair world…. I am sounding negeative…..because it is ….that is why Eritrea is viewed negative b/c it call out the truth. No one likes that.. Story goes on. Part of our history.

      1. Nathan

        You must be dumb to counter her views which such nonsense. 1st of all you hardly know her as a person and tell her to be a good citizen. What is your interpretation of good citizen? Someone who is a lunatic dictator by committing all sorts crime against humanity? i.e murder, torture, life imprisonment without trial? and yes most importantly suppression of human rights? For God sake you don’t have to be intelligent to know what is acceptable way to treat citizens who just want to get on with life!! Even a dumb person knows right and wrongs.
        Any ways there is no point in trying to educate a retard people!!

  2. Alem

    President for life??????? for real ? don’t you think that is what the tyrant ISAYAS is trying to accomplish as his mentor Mugabe is trying to do, staying in power till his body parts falling apart. We have seen that in Libya, Egypt, North Korea, Syria, Cambodia, Cuba, Sudan, and of course recently in Ivory cost. This tyrants, regardless of what the status of their country, they will manipulate, kill, lie intimidate, and jail to peruse their only goal, which is to stay in power at what ever cost.
    Contrary to what you believe most of us Eritreans think what this tyrant is doing to our people and our country is very inhumane, cruel and very degrading and we think he is incapable of doing anything good for our country and his departure is way way way way overdue. I don’t believe democracy is that complicated where as on the other hand tyranny and dictatorship is very complicated and tiresome. As a tyrant….
    1- you have to fabricate all kinds of lies so you keep the people in the dark. (ERiTV, haddas Eritra, dimtsi hafash, Dehai, shabait)
    2-you have to close universities and horde the students to a military camp so you monitor all their activities and avoid revolt.
    3- you have to monitor and spy on your people and block foreign media and web sights so they don’t read and watch materials about freedom and democracy.
    4- You have to jail and kill, people who are a treat to your tyranny. (G-15 and thousands of innocent Eritreans decaying in jail)
    5- you have to seize the operation of independent news papers and jail the journalists so they don’t expose criminal activities and enlighten their people.
    6- you have to make sure that there shouldn’t be any constitution and law and order because it is a major treat to tyranny.
    7-you have to create chaos, crises, war and shortage of all basic services so you seem to be the sole individual with a solution for all the crises.
    8-you have to confuse and manipulate your people so they get scared of change.
    9- You have to eliminate educated people from your circle and surround yourself with idiotic subordinates (YES men and women) who does not have the knowledge to question your wisdom.
    You see my friend and yes you are correct tyranny is a very complicated and tiresome job and that is why the gallant people of IVORY COST told the decaying tyrant “you are tired and you need to go” and that is why us Eritreans strengthening our grassroots movement and in the verge of eliminating decaying unelected tyrant (ISAYAS). As for Zimbabwe it will not be too long before his body parts start falling apart voluntarily.
    I do believe in prayer and the answer I got from my almighty GOD is NOT to be silent when my brothers and sisters decaying and dying in jail, and NOT to be silent when thousands of our youngsters are dying in the deserts of Sinai and the Mediterranean sea to run away from slavery, torture, jail and hopelessness. I hope you will get the answer of your prayer soon so we can save our country from tyranny.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea, downfall to the unelected criminal tyrant ISAYAS and his gangsters.

  3. Yacob

    Haha I swear Eritreans exist for the entertainment of others. Haha, preach freedom all you want. You had more freedom under the ITALIANS PAHAHAHAHA.

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