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Eritrea: Afwerki “Why should I waste my time thinking of Sweden?”

Stockholm (HAN) September 11, 2014 – Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page by editorial and Geeska Afrika Online.  To update readers, for the last 4 years, a diplomatic crisis broke out between Eritrea and Sweden after the Swedish ambassador to Eritrea had openly criticized the resolution of the Eritrean government to return the Eritrean-Swedish journalist, Dawit Isac.

The Eritrean government has retreated from its resolution of the journalist’s release; negating the Swedish ambassador’s statements through its minister of information. The Eritrean government’s minister had negated the release of journalist Dawit Isac.” He has just given a chance to get treatment at a hospital; and was not released,” the minister underlined. The Swedish media outlets have aggressively attacked the Eritrean government’s undiplomatic manners to release Dawit Isac.

Isaias Afwerki considered Sweden insignificant and questioned: “Why should I think of Sweden? Why should I waste my time thinking of Sweden?”

In an interview conducted by the Swedish journalist Donald Boström in 2009,Isaias Afwerki considered Sweden insignificant and questioned: “Why should I think of Sweden? Why should I waste my time thinking of Sweden?”

Last week, the Swedish government expelled Tekle Mengistu, the chief diplomat at the Eritrean embassy in Stockholm giving him 48 hours to leave the country.

Gedab News learned that a few weeks ago the Eritrean government sent a circular to its operatives in Europe branding Mr. Arhe Hamednaca, a Swedish parliamentarian of Eritrean ancestry, as an enemy of the state and accusing him of being behind the “Anti Eritrean postures of Sweden.” It advised its operative to defend Eritrea, “Lomi kem tmali m’enti hagerna nemekkt [Today just like yesterday, let’s  defend our country]“, a coded signal to start a negative campaign against him.

Since the beginning of the year, websites and other media outlets affiliated with the ruling party of Eritrea have been relentlessly attacking Mr. Arhe Hamednaca; immediately after the expulsion of the Eritrean diplomat, the attacks increased drastically.

Mr. Arhe Hamednaca represented the constituency of the Stockholm electoral district since 2010 as a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP). Observers believe he has a good chance of being reelected for a second term.

At the bottom of the diplomatic crisis between Sweden and Eritrea is the issue of Dawit Isaak, a Swedish citizen of Eritrean ancestry who has been in jail in an unknown location in Eritrea since 2001. Dawit has not been formally charged or brought to a court; he has no visitation rights.

In 2009, Isaias had told Donald Boström that, “Sweden will disappear slowly away from our consciousness…. to me Sweden is irrelevant, at all.” It seems Sweden has made a comeback to the consciousness of the Eritrean regime and is now relevant.

Mr. Arhe Hamednaca told Gedab News that he is, “inundated by hate mail and threats from the supporters of the Eritrean regime, some of them accusing me of heinous crimes.”

The Eritrean regime and its supporters are known for defaming and vilifying those they perceive as  their enemies.

The anti-Arhe e-mail campaign by the supporters of the Eritrean regime has also targeted Swedish media and the SDP.

In a message to Swedish Eritreans, a pro-Eritrean regime website published a message signed by “Lovers Of Their Country” and accused Mr. Arhe Hamednaca of, “collaborating with the enemies of Eritrea to ban the 2% [tax that Eritrean pay] … and whose main task is defaming Eritrea.” It also claimed that “he is close to the Weyane* and worked closely with it to have [the UN] sanctions to be imposed on Eritrea, and he was elated when Sweden announced the expulsion of an Eritrean diplomat.”

The main message of the concerted campaign is to discourage voters from voting for the SDP.

Abraham, a Swedish citizen of Eritrean ancestry said that, “The members of the ruling party and its affiliates forget they do not have the right to elect or be elected in Eritrea, but they have the temerity to interfere in Swedish elections.”

Mr. Arhe Hamednaca who has become a Swedish citizen in 1989 has worked in the Integration and Equality Ministry, followed by a stint in an NGO and later in different committees for the SDP. In 2006 he was elected to the Stockholm Municipal government, and in 2010 he became an MP.

Results for the current election season will be announced on Monday, September 15, 2014. *Weyane is how the ruling party of Eritrea refers to the Ethiopian ruling party.

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9 Responses to “Eritrea: Afwerki “Why should I waste my time thinking of Sweden?””

  1. elk

    We don’t need Sweden. Our president is right. Why should he spend thinking about Sweden.

    Sweden people are nothing but ass people. They government never want peace in Africa.

    1) Report blames Swedish oil firm for Sudan war crimes
    2)Prosecutor to probe alleged Swedish link to Sudan war crimes
    3) Swedish Foreign Minister Haunted by War Crimes Allegations
    4) Then Swedish war crimes in Libya

    These are few things that Sweden doing to Africans. They have no clean hand. Their resume is nothing but war crime.

    we fought 30 years war with Ethiopia with our leader President Afwerki. Now can you find any war crime that we committed. Our hand is the cleanest hand then any country in this earth. I am proud My president Afwerki. So Sweden mind your own business,

    Dawit Isac: This guy will be release on his sentenced time. That is how the Eritrean police works. We don’t in person for no reason. We investigated over and over then final you go to jail. It is good system.

    Mr. Arhe Hamednaca: this guy is nothing but Sweden house Nigger. If he is working in Sweden and elected in Sweden he is not Eritrean. Are you double agent.

    1. Alem

      It is because of people like you make the blood thirsty dictator (ISAYAS) feel like a hero and creating a havoc in our beloved country Eritrea. In reality though Isayas is a blood thirsty criminal who muddled his hand with innocent Eritreans blood. Twenty four years of tyranny reduced our Eritrea into the poorest and desolate country in the planet. If the Idiot had a little bit common sense by now he would realize that he doesn’t posses the knowledge or the talent of running a country and he would step down.
      Thirteen years ago on September 18th the Dictator arrested and killed some of our journalists and editors of our independent news papers, to hide his crimes and stupidity from getting exposed but to the contrary his cruelty and ignorance is widely exposed and he is isolated and rejected by the world community.
      Rejected by US, Sanctioned by the UN, Sanctioned by OAU, Sanctioned by EU, rejected and expelled by Canada, rejected and expelled by Sweden and mainly and the worst of all rejected by Eritreans except few air heads.

      1. elk

        Attention to all those who don’t like the government of Eritrea and the people of Eritrea.

        1) Greedy is what drive the people out of Eritrea. Ask yourself, why did you left Eritrea? Not because of the government. It is because you seeing to many Luggages coming in to the country.

        2) We voted for our president 99.83%.


        4) show respect………

  2. Tsega Tesfay

    When I read the above comment I understand why there is no hope for Eritrea, or Eritreans. The writer is rude, ignorant, arrogant, a victim of propaganda….and most likely not living in his own country.

    I look forward to this regime’s downfall and the consequences for all of those “officials”; ambassadors, consuls, generals, directors, ministers who have worked for it. Your day is coming, and your people will not forget who you are. Get those exit plans and grab bags ready boys and girls…your time is getting close

  3. Semere

    There is a bright hope for Eritrea and Eritreans. Elk just wrote what he feels about the ongoing theatrics going on in Sweden. The judjement you are passing on Elk tells us just as much about yourself. Wonder where you live yourself
    Just because you are against the people in power you are condecending and judging others views.
    Well keep on dreaming,hoping and wishwashing about the regimes fall but it will not materialize. Majority of Eritreans support the present regime but liars and other propogandists will tell us otherwise.
    Awet nhafash!

    1. Alem

      Semere you must be delusional. If the majority of Eritrean people support the self elected tyrant why do you think three to four thousand of our bright youngsters flee from Eritrea every month?. Why do you think he put tens and thousands of our bright men and women behind bars? why do you think we are isolated from the rest of the world? why do you think when you Google dictator, tyrant or ruthless the name of the monster ISAYAS pops up.
      Do you know where we would be without this dictator and if we had democratically elected government and president, I think the rest of the African countries would look up to us. Don’t be a fool join with your peace loving brothers and sisters and lets depose this criminal he is just an individual (nothing more) with no clue how to be servant to his people and lead a country.

  4. Mengis Bariazgi

    If your leader and your government are so good why are you living aboard go back to Eritrea. Sweden government and swedish people are peace full and contributed so much to good causes and I hope they don’t take serious your idiot point view. Your leader is a dictator and he needs to go by any means necessary!!!

  5. Elen

    Alem, If 4000 are fleeing every month, then please tell me who is left back home, that is a bit exaggerated…it seems you guys are underestimating the Weyane regime, who is working day and night to destroy the hard won independence and our Identities. If you guys are thinking everything would have been better in our country if the current government of Eritrea is out of power, then all I can say is you are naive.

    Don’t think for a minute the Weyane regime is going to sit back, and let Eritreans do what ever they please and decide Eritrea’s future. You are praying for the worst. The good thing is the majority Eritreans understand this.



    1. Alem

      My dear sister Ellen No I am not praying for the worst (I don’t think it can get worst than this ) and no I am not being naïve and definitely no I am not undermining what the weyanes or Djiboutian or Yemenis can do to our country. Especially the Ethiopians will do what ever they can to get access to the sea and I know their primary target is Assab. I do understand that for us Eritreans to stand against any kind of treat we have to be strong and we have to be united. In order for us to be united and strong we need an ELECTED body that represents all Eritreans from every walk of life, leading with a clear transparent policies and governed by a CONSTITUTION. (It is not an option it is a must)
      The current regime we have, is unelected self appointed dictatorial regime, which does not abide by the rule of law. I don’t think you recall any day casting your ballot to elect this criminals do you? no I don’t think so. You see this guys were supposed to be in power TEMPORARLY for a maximum of two years then transfer the power to the elected body. Who knows may be they could be elected and that would lay a foundation for the following democratic elections. Instead what do we have, for 24 lost years a one man rule ISAYAS the tyrant representing all three branches of the government. Eritrea is under the mercy of ISAYAS the dictator.
      Under this dictatorial regime our unity is so fragile and we are so weak and we don’t have a chance to defend any kind of treat. Our youngsters are so demoralized, dehumanized and frustrated by the worthless agelglot (modern day slavery) abandoning our country in throve. Those youngsters were the ones who fought on the previous wars and those youngsters would be the warriors, leaders ,Doctors, engineers, scientists and back bone of the country. If you think 4000 is a bit exaggerated read any article from UN human rights watch report or go to you tube and see the horrific demonstrations in Israel and all over Europe.
      This criminal regime experimented on our people all their failed policies for 24 years and what they accomplished is not nation building but rather self destruction and they need to go.
      Isayas is a one politician with a failed policies and no knowledge of diplomacy, he is rude and clueless and he needs to go.

      As far I am concerned ISAYAS is a criminal but who am I to judge I would leave it to our courts set by the constitution, unlike what he did to our thousands of brothers and sisters decaying in prison without and due process.

      “Those who fear life are already three parts dead”. ~Bertrand Russell

      We are so scared of the unknown and we chose to live a rotten (half dead) life. We had that already under the colony of Ethiopia.

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