Eritrea: Africa Bank approved Strategical transition to green growth

Khartoum (HAN) October 19, 2014. Public diplomacy and Regional food security and safety news.Interim Country Strategy Paper 2014 upto 2016.

Based on the Notion of Beyond Survival, The Economic Challenges of Agriculture & Development in Post-Independent Eritrea. Although important assistance has been provided, the uneasy relationship between the Government of Eritrea and UN agencies and international and local NGOs has undermined efforts to respond to the needs of IDPs.

The African development bank (AFDB) Board approved the Interim Country Strategy Paper (I-CSP)for Eritrea. The I-CSP covers the period 2014-2016 and aims to assist the Government of Eritrea in addressing its binding development challenges in a coordinated and consultative manner.

The strategy focuses on enhancing skills development and technology, in support of inclusiveness and transition to green growth. In addition, the Bank will support the government to build resilience and capacity to deal with, and adapt to a challenging environment to promote inclusive growth and poverty reduction.

It will also scale up advisory services through economic and sector work as well as assist in creating capacity and conditions necessary for the finalization and implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) as well as preparation of a full-fledged Country Strategy Paper.  Sources: AfDB Board approves €15-million loan to finance governance

Government of Eritrea and UN agencies and international and local NGOs has undermined efforts to respond to the needs of IDPs

Photo: AfDB discusses green growth with Eritrean and Sudan leaders.


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3 Responses to “Eritrea: Africa Bank approved Strategical transition to green growth”

  1. Alem

    African development bank are you kidding me ? might as well why don’t you throw your money in the trash.
    Aren’t you supposed to check the accountability of the country first ?
    Aren’t you supposed to check the balance book of the country ?
    Don’t you want to know where the former head of the Eritrean bank is?
    Don’t you know the dictator ISAYAS treats the bank of Eritrea as his own personal account?
    You are handing over money to a completely bankrupted criminal junta which does NOT represent Eritrean people and Eritrea. I hope the money you will hand over to the dictator is a grant and NOT a loan, because you will never see a dime back from the criminal.
    By the way do not forget by handing over this money, you will extend the life of tyranny and dictatorship and you will extend the pain and suffering of innocent Eritreans.

  2. Awet

    MR. Alem,
    Your crying inside out of envy about the progress of the country.
    Your comment has no relationship with sustainable development .
    Either you are a weyane agent or a traitor that do not want to see the country’s development
    Swallow the truth, Eritrea is in the right path and our victory is certain!
    Do not try to confuse people the truth lies in the ground as evidenced by the transformation of this new beautiful country.

    1. Alem

      Envy ? I don’t think so, jealousy definitely yes. I am very very jealous to see some of the African countries heading the in the right direction growing at a very fast pace advancing their education system, technology and their infrastructure while their democracy is spreading its roots. In the other hand our Eritrea is heading in the wrong direction at a blazing speed towards stone age with no sign of freedom or democracy thanks to un elected criminal dictator and his failed policies.
      The criminal extremists like Boko haram and ISIS kill innocent people in a very cruel and primitive way by stoning them to death our modern day criminal ISAYAS and criminal gangs kill our innocent Eritreans by decaying them in jail for 14, 15, 16, 17……..23 years and watching them starve to death. Most of them their only crime is they REFUSED TO BETRAY THEIR OWN PEOPEL like the dictator ISAYAS did.
      I will not disrespect you by calling you names like you did and believe me I can be nasty if I choose too but that will never bring a lasting solution to our Eritrea. It is your right to support a criminal, thief, murderer, dictator, tyrant and drug addict Isayas, and I and millions of freedom loving Eritreans it is our God given right which does not require any bodies permission to stand for freedom ,democracy, human right and dignity.
      Any one who stood against ISAYAS and his failed policies is NOT Agame, traitor, kedae, weyanes, CIA, OAU, and I am sure I forgot some. Please I beg you if you are still determined to label and call names those who does not agree with you at least come up with a new name and label because those are already worn out and used too many times.

      “From behind the Iron Curtain, there are signs that tyranny is in trouble and reminds us that its structure is as brittle as its surface is hard”.
      – Dwight D. Eisenhower
      Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea and downfall to the dictator ISAYAS

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