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Eritrea: 5,000 Terrorist under Military Trainings in Eritrea “Another Preposterous Lie”

Quoting anonymous sources, the Farsi News Agency (FNA) alleges that “Riyadh has transferred nearly 5,000 militants from a number of terrorist groups from Aden port to Eritrea’s Assab port to go under military trainings”.  The fictitious report goes on to say: “the terrorists, some of whom are from Al-Qaeda, will be dispatched to Najran, Jizzan etc…. to fight against the Yemeni army and popular forces”.Image result for Eritrea Assab port

Those who are familiar with the dynamics of the Horn of Africa/Middle East Region know full well that Eritrea has been at the forefront – if not a pioneer – in the fight against Al-Qaeda and all the variants and off-shoots of this terrorist scourge.   Indeed, as early as 1996, when the eminent threat of Al-Qaeda was not fully appreciated by the outside world, Eritrea was locked in the fight against  emerging plots and designs of the Bin-Laden group which was operating from the region at that point in time.  Eritrea’s unremitting and long-standing stance against terrorism is thus a matter of historical record.

In the event, the allegation by Farsi News Agency represents a preposterous lie peddled for some ulterior motives.

Ministry of Information
7 September 2016




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