Asmara (HAN) August 16th, 2017 – Public Diplomacy & Regional Security. 150 hectares of farmlands attacked by armyworm in Eritrea.

The armyworm that has been observed in some part of the country has been under control.

Mr. Tedros Seium, head of the migration pests control, indicated that the army worm has been observed in 150 hectares in the Gash Barka region, in 800 hectares in the Anseba region, 2 thousand hectares in the Southern region and in 5 thousand hectares in the Central region and that through the intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture and the administrations as well as the public 95% has been under control. He said that the follow up is ongoing until the pest is fully under control.

Mr. Tedros also indicated that the Ministry of Agriculture has been exerting to raise the awareness of the farmers on the danger of the prevalence of the worm through the mass media and through sustainable meetings and that ample preparation has been undergoing.

According to Mr. Tedros the armyworm has already ravaged crops across more than 20 Eastern, Central and West African countries.




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