Dr.Workneh: “Ethiopia’s Visibility and Outreach is Tremendous”

Addis Ababa (HAN) January 29, 2019. Regional Security. Foreign Minister H.E. Dr.Workneh Gebeyehu presented the Ministry’s 6-Month Performance Report to the House of People’s Representatives earlier this morning. (January 29).

Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh shed light on the recent sound institutional reform undertaken to replenish the Ministry’s overall posture and stamina. He said, “Despite lingering and looming regional, geopolitical challenges our visibility and outreach is tremendous. We are continuously and consistently refining our diplomatic mission to confidently promote our national interests and stimulate holistic economic development in a highly uncertain, and highly unpredictable global system.”

Minister Workneh pointed out the MFA has performed with an excellent pace, practically evaluating its mission and vision spear-headed by economic diplomacy venture.

He said: “We’re well aware of the challenges and opportunities as we navigate the globe to promote investment, trade and business with unflinching commitment to eradicate poverty, deepen our democracy and sustain national development.”

The Minister further underscored the myriad of diplomatic achievements made under the premiership of Dr. Abiy Ahmed , which he says, is a vital bedrock to replenish “our performance towards achieving intended goals.”

Dr. Workneh also accentuated the ministry’s vision for a prosperous and sustainable Republic fully integrated in a globalized and equitable world complementing its diplomatic network overseas for a greater visibility and outreach.

Currently, Ethiopia stands tall with 46 Embassies and 14 Consulates abroad



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