Djibouti: Somaliland Will Attend IGAD Meeting as an Observer

Djibouti (HAN) January 8, 2015 – Public diplomacy and Regional safety and security news.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somalia, Dr. Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Bayle told Geeska Afrika Online security reporter in Mogadishu that,

“The perfect word to describe Somalia hosting IGAD Council of Ministers meeting this Saturday in Mogadishu.” Dr. Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Bayle added his statement that “A MILESTONE” in the areas of security and diplomacy.

Somali Federal government wants IGAD regional body to reduce their influence in the administration of regional Federal states of Somalia.

According to Geeska Afrika Online Sources, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Mohamed Bihi Younis or Dr. Mohammed Abdilahi Jama Sifir will attend IGAD Council of Ministers meeting in Mogadishu.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Mohamed Bihi Younis has been busily engaged in furthering the Somaliland cause since he has been appointed as his present post the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Special Representative of UN Secretary-General Nicholas Kay has invited, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Mohamed Bihi Younis to attend regional IGAD meeting.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Younis, has got more supporters of being professional of Somaliland diplomat and people of Somaliland

Special Representative of UN Secretary-General Nicholas Kay in Somaliland: Special Representative of UN Secretary-General Nicholas Kay visited Somaliland earlier last August. Mohamed B. Yonis, Minister of Foreign Affairs,


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6 Responses to “Djibouti: Somaliland Will Attend IGAD Meeting as an Observer”

  1. I am very happy to see one day Somaliland one of the IGAD countries,and United Nations Europe USA and all african countries recognized as independent conuntry.b/c somaliland has right to be independent.Somaliland is peace, has its own currency, passaport,every 5 years free a fair election occurs and one man one vote. The military of Somaliland police and other security people actually are well organized and well educated not thugs not bundit. Even the courts of Somaliland is well. So we are requesting IGAD Countries to recognize Somaliland as independent country then tell other African countries that Somalilnand managed every criteria to be a international country.God bless Somaliland God bless IGAD Countries.but if we are the residents in lower shabele we are suffering from what the Somali government troops doing in our land because troops of Somalia predominately is Hawiye clan and they took our farm-land by force killing innocent people rape is a weapon of war,burning our villages. What Somali troops doing in our home land is totally against humanity so why IGAD Countries become keep silent as a grave.please please we need your help.we need the help of Ismail Omar Gele

  2. sÒmàĺìĺàñďèŕ

    Good job mr Bihi yonis , weldone, thnxxx

  3. Wadani

    “United we stand, divided we fall”
    Somaliland is,was and will be part of Somalia forever
    we are one
    we do have :
    1.Same religion
    2.Same culture
    3.Same language
    4.Same blood
    5.Same land
    Why don’t we negociate

    Borama,Burco,Berbera are Not Somaliland but they are land of somalia{DHUL SOOMAALIYEED} just like Bosaso ,Baraawe and Beydao
    Our enemies hate our unity but
    Insha Allah ,
    Insha Allah ,
    Insha Allah , we shall unite soon with the help of Allah, the most powerful,the almighty
    may Allah unite us and give us power, may Allah destroy our enemy

  4. axmed

    Somaliland is disneyland/ fantastic story.

  5. faisal

    Attending a meeting as observers in muqdisho is not important.

  6. jaama

    I am very delighted the observatory role played by the Republic of somaliland at the IGAD 2015.

    Somalia is been through very difficult time and it needs all the help and support it can get. getting helping hand from your own Big brother is not a shame. but a blessing. please remember Somaliland is there to help.

    IGAD is an important organisation and plays a vital role in many areas including security and coorporation among the nations that it serves. Somaliland strives for peace and prosperity.

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