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Djibouti accuses Eritrea-hired ‘mercenaries’ of crimes

Djibouti (HAN) May 4, 2015 – Public Diplomacy, Regional humanitarian Security News. Djibouti on Sunday accused neighboring Eritrea of using mercenaries to destabilizing the situation in the country.

“Armed mercenaries serving the Eritrean government are terrorizing civilians in northern Djibouti on the border with Eritrea,” Interior Minister Hassan Omar Mohamed said in a statement.

He accused these “mercenaries” of stealing food from Djiboutian civilians at gunpoint and blocking roads to prevent medical and humanitarian supplies from reaching the affected areas.

Mohamed went on to accuse the militants of kidnapping young Bedouins in northern Djibouti and forcibly taking them to Eritrea where they would be recruited against their country.

Djibouti, the minister said, will not allow its social peace to be undermined by a group of “saboteurs.”

The Anadolu Agency could not immediately obtain comments from the Eritrean government on the claims.

Relations between Djibouti and Eritrea have been tense since 2008 when they two neighboring came to the brink of war over control of Ras Doumeira, a border region.

Eritrean eventually pulled out from the area after mediation from Qatar, whose peacekeepers have since been deployed in the area.AA


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2 Responses to “Djibouti accuses Eritrea-hired ‘mercenaries’ of crimes”

  1. axmed

    This classical terror recruitment tactic the Asmara ganges used in the past against Ethiopia , Established and funded the terrorist Al-Shabaab murderers in Somalia that are now causing havoc all over Esat African countries, Isayas and his criminal gangs are forcing its young men and women to leave their country to collect welfare assistance from all over the world to be remitted to their relatives who must pay 50% kickback to the regime .It is time for regime change in Eritrea by a coalition of Ethiopia, Djibouti,Sudan,and other willing states for the safety of neighboring countries and to save the thousands of Eritrean who are dying in the Mediterranean sea ,european streets or in the Sahara dessert.

  2. Peace for the horn

    We all know the Djibouti government is being used and I can’t believe how the leadership lost its credibility. These are baseless fabrications trying to keep the sanctions on Eritrea. Shame on you! but the world is gradually getting to understand Eritrea and recognize its uncompromising & principled commitment to promote peace beyond its borders. Come out of servitude and restore your dignity. Djibouti has no food to be looted unless you are making this up to get food donations

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