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Come to Somaliland and Discover yourself

HARGEISA (HAN) August 2.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. BY:Mohamed Ghalib Musa. Come to Somaliland and Discover your self and find out something new that you never knew before, we welcome anyone to come and visit Somaliland the Land of Milk and Honey.

Interested into coming to Somaliland and experience a white Sandy beaches and  a warm welcome from friendly faces, Somalilanders style. The natural features of Somaliland is proof of an ancient civilizations once roamed this land millions of years ago, Somaliland is here to be explored , shape of the mountains and the color changing will mesmerize your imagination.

According to scientist that  evidence points to the fact that somali’s are an ancient people who have inhabited the region known as the Somali peninsula for at least 9000 years and that  Somali unlike ethiosemitic languages is a very old language, even older than proto-semetic, I have seen some evidence that Somaliland has a buried Hisroy of older civilizations. I had long talk one morning in Hargeisa with a friend of mine who is an archaeologist and soon will be publishing a book on the subject of the History of the Somali people as told by a Somali.

Scoup Diving in Berbera

You will have the beach all to yourself swimming in the blue ocean. Berbera Somaliland also is perfect for scoupa diving recently a research team collected DNA samples of fish inshore reefs near Berbera.

Initial results revealed that corals are healthy and are home to both endemic species of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, as well as other, more widespread. The reefs have benefited from the instability of the region, since the civil war and piracy have discouraged the exploitation of marine resources. miles and mile of blissfully blue waters that are teeming with all kinds of marine life  marine life of the Red Sea .

Don’t let negativity of comparing Somaliland to Somalia, Make your own mind it’s up to you to make the decision, don’t miss the adventure of life time.

What you need is a  good honest guide that speaks English and most Somalilanders do speak or understand English there are diaspora Somalilanders that vacation here year round and you will meet them at shopping centers and restaurants, people in Somaliland can speak many different languages from around the world. It’s amazing sometime in Hargeisa street cafe’s when you hear and see a lot of people chatting in  different foreign language’s from different places in the world. If you have Friends in Somaliland than it’s even better, most Guides have their own truck(land cruiser) or some type of 4×4 truck and they will charge according the trip distance, the roads can be rough in the raining seasons , Gu, is the raining season. This typically lasts between April and June.

Most friendliest people on Earth are Somalilanders all you have to do to get their attention is to Smile, you see that is not hard. We are not immune to mischief and jealousy,  we cherish our freedom and our way of life. All praise to Almighty Allah who blessed Somaliland with the Peace and Harmony that we enjoy, Thank you (Al Hamdu’lliaa).

Don’t get offended if someone ask you questions such us How much you make a month? which is a personal matter specially if you are from the west. Just to be safe don’t do stupid things such us disrespecting someone without knowing or talking to girls in public, common sense people here are conservative. In Hargeisa you will notice a lot of Masjid (mosque) it doesn’t mean we are ISSI or Al Shabaab, simply we are Muslims,  extremism have no place in our society.  They will not be tolerated by the community in large and they will be reported to authority immediately. People here are FED UP with wars, Peace is the language that we understand but if we are attacked than we are ready to defend every inch of Somaliland,  we will not allow anyone to try and destroy what we accomplished alone and without the help of the international community.

We hope to join the International community as full member that will contribute in the betterment of the Human race and to contribute as peace broker to many conflicts in east Africa and the World. One Thing I am sure of is we Somalilanders know how to make Peace.

Advice:-  Most important rule is before you visit someplace in the world,  first thing you do is buy an atlas then study the country your are visiting by learning the custom’s and the culture of the native population or google it, there is plenty of information on Somaliland culture, customs, religion.

Food and Hospitality

The city of Hargeisa, Buroa, Gabiley and Borama have a lot to offer, there a lot of restaurant to choose from that’s for everyone. Now days Somalilanders taste changed from 20 years ago, now people they try to eat healthy. Somalilanders they love meet specially goat meat, most restaurants serve different dishes of goat and chicken. There different restaurant that amazingly serve good food and good service one such restaurant is Lalays Restaurant in Hargeisa, Lalays Restaurant is own by a Diaspora, my experience with the restaurant in general, first of all the service was excellent and the food was cooked perfectly with intoxicating aroma. My compliment to the chef. Lalays restaurant is in Vila style restaurant there is a outdoor setting a roof patio that is very popular with the young crowd. Clean and cheap, lunch cost me less than $10 – I will rate Lalays Restaurant a 5 stars. There as well Hayat Restaurant in Bada Cas, in Hargeisa, it’s excellent stop if you are looking for Burger. In New Hargeisa Golis Restaurant is the place to be if you want a real meal (Camel Meat + Rice and a Large glass of Camel milk) Now that is a meal, the service is friendly environment that can be enjoyed by families and groups.

I personally love to eat Camel meat on Fridays and some days I just feel like it, Camel milk is my favorite drink, Camel milk has been the primary type of milk consumed by many Somali Nomads cultures for thousands generations. Although camel milk is not in nearly as high supply as cow milk, it has powerful nutrients and better chemical compounds. I am grateful to electricity I can store my camel milk in the fridge and drink it in the morning. Camel milk with time it will start to change taste so it’s better to keep it in the fridge.

I hope your stay in Somaliland to be the most pleasant and memorable experience in your life.

How safe is Somaliland?

Do a small research and find out the different between Somalia and Somaliland it will widen your respective and understand. Somaliland is consider  to be one of the safest palaces in Africa, I am not exaggerating but that is the fact, Homicide crimes and petty theft will occur from time to time but relatively your are safe in Somaliland, just don’t wonder around the streets after 10:00 am even the locals will not walk home after ten specially if you are alone, take a taxi they are cheap and everywhere. This is a normal functioning country and in many ways a good example and a model for many counties in the world that are recognized by United Nation.



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