British Troops Land in S. Sudan as part of UN mission

JUBA (HAN) June 6.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. British troops have arrived in South Sudan to take part in the United Nations peacekeeping mission, the Defence Ministry confirmed in a statement.

The plan to deploy British troops was announced by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron at a UN gathering, which took place in September last year.

As such, Britain said it would send around 300 troops to South Sudan, where tens of thousands of people were killed in a bloody civil war which broke out in December 2013.

The British forces in the young nation will reportedly carry out engineering work to strengthen the country’s infrastructure.

The UK personnel would reportedly be split into two engineer squadrons to provide “vital engineering work to strengthen infrastructure as well as further advisory support”.

“The arrival of British personnel clearly demonstrates our commitment to supporting UN efforts to improve conditions in some of the world’s most destabilising conflicts,” said Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

Britain remains a large financial contributor to UN peacekeeping missions.





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