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Big Chinese Companies Interested in Investing in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (HAN) June 23.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. Chinese international textile, leather and light manufacturing industry associations have expressed interest to invest in Ethiopia.

Delegation leader of the three associations, Helen Hai held talks here yesterday with Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn on ways of facilitating investment in Ethiopia.

The delegation leader and Goodwill Ambassador of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Helen Hai said during the occasion that “the reason why we are coming here is actually because Ethiopia is embarking a new chapter of development which is leading a successful example for Africa to follow.”

Hai led three big Chinese delegations, namely China Textile Association, Hong Kong Chamber of Textile Association, and Chinese Chamber of Light Manufacturing.

“We have signed a collaboration agreement with Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) and we are going to be partners”, she said.

The delegation leader appreciated the favorable business environment in the country.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegne said the light manufacturing industry sub-sector is one of the priority areas in Ethiopia.

The premier called on the three massive light manufacturing associations to inform other similar international companies about the actual situation in the country and persuade them to invest in Ethiopia.

The country is ready to facilitate and solve any problem investors may face during their activities, Hailemariam affirmed.

The three Chinese companies have a total of about 85 million employees, it was learned.



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