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Assessing Somalia’s 2021 Presidential Election P1

Hargeisa (HAN) October 19, 2020. Regional Security and Election Initiatives – Part 1 (join Forum DOORASHADA-20/21). Somalia’s current electoral system structures Somali political and regional tribal competition, shapes selection outcomes, and exists in relation to  the processes of competition between organized interest groups in Somalia and its regional Federal member states. Somalia’s 2017 election was characterised by both the growing engagement of young parliamentary selections and by numerous instances of collective violence waged by Al-Shabaab and its affiliates. How will these developments in Mogadishu impact Somaliland politics in the lead-up to the 2021 National Assembly election?

Somali Youth Will Be Served in Somalia’s Next Big Election 2020/2021

Southern Somalia election results mark a first step toward negotiations and renegotiations over sharing power and decision-making authorities. Drawing on an original set of Somalia  elections data, the upcoming report analyzes the 2012 and 2017 Somalia presidential election, focusing on questions related to access the elections for the upcoming 2020/2021 parliamentary and presidential Selections rather election.

Many factors, including worsening security, tighter voter registration requirements, and modest campaign mobilization efforts, all combined to produce an outcome that suggests Somali tribal chiefs and selected individual participation in the 2020 presidential election fell to the lowest levels observed in the past thirteen years, raising serious questions as to the representativeness of the current political order. New reform measures offer the potential for greater confidence than in past elections in the integrity and validity of the final 2020 vote figures, but these controls also pose an accessibility trade-off. Discrepancies and transparency gaps still persist around some of the key decisions made on the part of electoral administration authorities to obtain the upcoming 2021 final results.




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