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Eritrea : Chinese and Turkish Attack Drones will  Dominate TPLF Tanks

Asmara (HAN) November 5th, 2020. Regional Security and Stability.  A Chinese and Turkish Attack drones will  dominate TPLF Tanks, tactics, BM rocket artillery and militia scattered across the Tigray mountains…. as Tigray-Amara and Eritrean front Conflict Showcases the Future of the Horn of African expected internal conflict in Tigray State and Amara State.

Reporters have been kept away from mass-media in Ethiopia and the direct impact of the skirmishes in recent days, but plans scrambled by the reinvigorated shelling of Gonder zones (Picture) will lead to the daily beast suddenly finding ourselves in the back of a lot of  ambulance, being given an accidental glimpse at the human consequences of the upcoming air war and ambushes on the Tigray mountains hidden by TPLF tanks and militias.

In Ethiopia, drones purchased from Turkey and China  will be used to defuse the upcoming wars in Tigray. These small craft also known as loitering munitions are able to surveil targets including tanks, artillery installations or troops before blowing themselves up. A designed  Turkish drones in the region of Tigray will also fly high above the disputed region between Eritrea and Tigray  and will launching missile strikes across Amara Regional State borders.

Before leaving the war zone and entering the relative safety of Amara State, Tigray merchant  said, “We see many of Ethiopian troops injured . We need help here. We need to stop the war. It is terrible what is happening in Tigray now, led by TPLF militia against Ethiopian government.”

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