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Arise Mother Africa, Learn From Your Daughter Eritrea

Rome (HAN) March 28, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine. opinion page By Daniel Wedi Korbaria, By Daniel Wedi Korbaria, ARISE Mother Africa, since your nightmares are irreversible. Daniel Wedi Korbaria “Scream of an African”

Get up you have other guests to receive. They have come to heal you, saying you are suffering from a contagious disease and lacking human rights vitamin. Mother Africa, they say that you have become inhuman. More than being the most malnourished continent in the world – where hunger kills more than all other diseases – they also say terrorism is too devouring you with metastases of evil rapidly spreading everywhere.

The experts claim that your problems are not so easy to solve, that more time and more “volunteers” will be needed. Mother Africa, the guests that have been in your soil for decades intend on continue staying and multiply.
You do not have to fear Mother Africa; they will never leave you alone as they immensely care for you!

They cannot lose you because without you they would not exist, they would be nothing, without you they would have to return home and queue for a job.
Trust Mother Africa, the total freedom of movement they demand would only work to help you better. They want to decide your economic development, your priorities and your future. And whenever a son of yours was to hazard a few laws to limit their actions surely they will resort to power to ‘adjust injustice’ threatening the imminent arrival of a crisis or an epidemic, forcing international agencies to declare that such laws would be inadequate and compromising the development of Africa.
Arise Mother Africa!

It is not clear why despite the years your problems only seem to aggravate.  What happened to the promises of eradicating poverty, curing the sick and disadvantaged, put an end to war and promote prosperity? Do you now realize that a kilo of flour and a pound of gold might not value the same?

Look around Mother Africa, your malnourished children of yesterday are still dying of hunger today and who gets fat are those dirty buzzing flies. The root-causes of the many fratricidal wars have never been resolved, but instead, encouraged to proliferate through more weapons that certainly were not been produced by Africans!

They say that you breed and hide terrorists, but they omit being their allies. And the “war on terror” is ensuring the extended military control over spread territories overseas above and beyond national borders.

You have not escaped Mother Africa, as it seems like your land will be the place of future wars, as many suggest.
And after every massacre or ethnic-religious based conflict you will be expected to bring stability through the intervention of international relief agencies. The same people who sold weapons to your children, and brought about the dangerous strategy of divide and rule amongst your people. And for you there will never be peace unless another route is taken!
Arise Mother Africa and look around! You have too often become a place where your children are not protected; all the vulnerable that continue to suffer from the cycle of poverty, violence and death are demanding justice.
Mother, it is time to stop the curse, bury the barbarity and put an end to your suffering. It is time for you to act! It is time you care for your children, as their future lies in your hands, only you can save them.
Do you still believe in the good intentions of foreign referees in your land? Do you still believe that by taking refugees under their tent they genuinely care for their well-being?
Don’t you think that instead they have been trying to imprison you for life? Don’t you think that by opening the door to your heart, your soul has been stolen?
Arise Mother Africa, they did not come here to help!

The ones you consider benefactors are the same predators, abusers and pirates that are exploiting you. Free yourself from the shackles of colonialism and stop begging for aid. Wealth never begs!
Mother Africa learn from those who first broke the chains of slavery, ask your daughter Eritrea, the one that seceded from what seemed a dark and hopeless tunnel.
Yes, Eritrea the one that over and over again believed in its own self-reliance renouncing to the “gift” of aid. It is through its own efforts only that Eritrea continues to build roads, bridges, dams, schools and clinics aware that the “humanitarian aid” has only deepened the cycle of dependency and corruption for many African beneficiaries. The only way to be free is through real economic empowerment and independence.
Freedom and pride, dear Mother Africa, are values for which Eritrea had to sacrifice a high price.

Of course humanitarian organizations acknowledge that the philosophy of self-sufficiency would be their end and for this reason they demonize and accuse Eritrea of all sorts of crimes and abuses. The same country that was actually born from a struggle for human rights – to conquer its very first right to exist and be recognized – while every power on Earth seemed to ignore Eritrea and its people. Many strategies have been put in place; occupation, accusations of terrorism, UN sanctions, among others.
Despite the obstacles, however, they will never see Eritrea kneeling down to them – instead, Eritrea has become a model of courage, ideals and commitment to its people.
The youth are lured out the country with the promise of a more comfortable life abroad and continue to die in the desert and at sea. But the truth is hard to die and Eritreans, who still believe in the idea of Awet n’Hafash (Victory to the Masses), never give up and continue to defend that land inherited from the martyrs who fought and defeated the largest African army of their times. Arise Mother Africa, learn from your daughter Eritrea!

There is no other way than putting the daughters and sons of Africa first. It will be hard, but worth the trouble. After all, you have no choice, or else you will continue to suffer from exploitation, knowing that your future will only be worse than your past.
Even despite the corruption and sinister politics, today’s generations can still make a difference. Today all Africans must begin that path of independence, and that journey only begins with each one of us.
Mother Africa, stay away from corruption and fight misery through hard work, pride, development and morality.
Only then Mother Africa these exploiters will be gone and the dirty buzzing flies will disappear. Your children will happily play benefiting from education and all that will enhance their future at the horizon! Your wealth will finally serve your people! Refugee camps will be empty and all that will be left is going to be the rustle of plastic tents under the wind of change.  May Peace be with you Mother Africa.


Photo: The Story of A Strong Eritrean Mother: There Through Thick and Thin


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9 Responses to “Arise Mother Africa, Learn From Your Daughter Eritrea”

  1. Eritrean

    This fight can get ugly and it has on many fronts!. But Eritreans and our continent of Africa we have to meet this challenge head on!. No more running and hiding do not be intimidated by their armies., don’t be demoralized by the constant bombardment of their media telling you our continent is doomed. We have bright minds in every corner of Africa as soon as they are recognized they are quickly given a choice sellout or DIE!. Those who chose to fight we have to side with them and with our brothers. The old colonial master has no intention of giving up an inch of land. They loved Mugabe!! but as soon as he touched “white” land he became satan himself as their media will tell you. They loved Mubarak., but the people ousted him. They love all dictators/pedophiles/terrorist., as long as they get the resources all those i named are democracy to the west. Once they say no i will use my resource to help MY peoples/country then you become non democratic.

    1. Atta

      The difference between all those African countries and eritrea is that they have a constitution that guarantees rights and a justice system that offered fair trial. Eritrea has neither. That makes eritrea a dictatorship like North Korea. Even haile selassie regime had a constitution that gauartees rights

      1. Eritrean

        …and they have USEFUL IDIOTS like Atta at every corner. Because divide and conquer is the main objective. These People Like Atta or Alem K, will do anything for crumbs from their masters tables. These are like cancers and they should always be looked out for., and when the timing permits they have to be cut out of the flesh for good.

  2. selam

    why this time , why ? how on earth you are able to put such at this time ? how about all the other articles you posted in your page

  3. Alem K.

    “Look around Mother Africa, your malnourished children of yesterday are still dying of hunger today and who gets fat are those dirty buzzing flies”.
    Indeed dirty buzzing flies spreading disease , creating filth and making the environment and their surrounding unhealthy and toxic while they are fattening themselves. I hope you are talking about the filthy criminals like ISAYAS AFEWORKI , Mugabe, Omar Al Bashir and the rest of African tyrants obsessed in looting the peoples treasure and do what ever it takes to stay in power.
    My friend lets stop playing the funny blame game of accusing for all our mishaps on the western colonizers and instead, refocus on the root cause of the crises in our continent. Except few countries in our continent, it is ages since we Africans started governing our countries, but unfortunately most of our African countries are governed by home grown misfits and thieves. Obsessed in staying in power at what ever cost, by manipulating constitution, rewriting constitution or like in our case not implementing it at all and declaring a ratified constitution obsolete and dead.
    So I wonder what is that exactly you want mother Africa to learn from Eritrea???
    1- is it the slick style of tyranny dictatorship?
    2-How to be brutal to your own people and still have followers?
    3-How to kill very progressive and bright leaders in a very slow and agonizing way?
    4-How to shut all rays of hope and suffocate the country by shutting down all independent news papers and jailing all the journalists?
    5-How to shut down higher education and replace it with worthless concentration camps?
    6-How to enslave the youth (in the name of national security) for the rest of their life?
    Or is it how freedom, democracy, human right, election and CONSTITUTION are overrated and how you can rule a country for 24 years of crises with out adhering to any of them.

    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea and demise to the decaying tyrant and his criminal regime.

  4. Alem K.

    Africa needs to learn from Namibia NOT NOT NOT from Eritrea.

    BBC NEWS (Mar 2nd 2015) “The outgoing Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba has won the world’s most valuable individual award, the Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership.The $5m (£3.2m) award is given each year to an elected leader who governed well, raised living standards and then left office.But the previous award was the fourth in five years to have gone unclaimed.
    Mr Pohamba, a former rebel who fought for his country’s independence, has served two terms as Namibian president”.
    He was first elected in 2004, and again in 2009. He is due to be succeeded by President-elect, Hage Geingob.
    Thank you President Pohamba for being one of the very few great African leaders and for allowing a smooth transition of power peacefully to the next elected president.
    Only crooks, criminals and thieves want to stay in power more than the mandated term by manipulating the constitution or without being elected. Criminals and thieves like ISAYAS AFEWORKI, TEODORO OBIANG of Equatorial Guinea, ROBERT MUGABE and OMAR AI BASHIR since they don’t serve the people but themselves they want to stay in power till they die. (I hope that happens very soon)


    Bro.Atta no one of eritreans can deny the violation of humanrights and law of court in Eritrea by our government.but at the same time we are proud to be Eritreans because of great high sacrifices paid by all Eritreans and by eritrean government to serve & protect our nation’s freedom&independence and from so lttle building our nations internal constractions&building our ecconomy.

  6. Alem k.

    Mother Africa and especially mother Eritrea needs to learn from the very peaceful and honorable transfer of power in Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, and Ghana.
    1-The former president honorable Good luck Jonathan of Nigeria gracefully accepted defeat and transferred power to the newly elected Muhammad Buhari.
    2-The honorable Mr Pohamba of Namibia, a former rebel who fought for his country’s independence, has served two terms as Namibian president”. He is succeeded by President-elect, Hage Geingob.
    3-The honorable President Armando Guebuza of Mozambique, a former millionaire businessman, steped down after serving the maximum two terms.
    4- In Kenya, Incumbent President Mwai Kibaki was not eligible to run because he was constitutionally barred since he served the maximum 2 terms. As a result Uhuru Kenyatta defeated Raila Odinga and became a president.
    On the other hand unfortunately Africa we have a bunch of misfits and thieves, and criminals to name few of them ISAYAS AFEWORKI of Eritrea, Teodoro Obiang of equtorrial Gunea , Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe are determined to stay in power by sacrificing everyone and everything, in the process tearing down the fabric of their society for their own individual benefit and turning their country into junk yard.

  7. Mussie

    Yes you r right!
    Mama Africa has got to learn from eritrea.
    That the road to ‘hell on earth’ is facilitated when you have a mad king along with his ego driven and pathetic people.

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