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Al Shabaab War: Somalia pledge support for Kenya's Military Actions

Nairobi (HAN) March 5th, 2014 – Ambassador Ali Americo: Somalis and I strongly support the Kenyan Government of uprooting the Alshabaab from near its border with Somalia. Kenyans are very peace loving people and al shabaab should not take advantage of that. We want the Kenyan army to chase these thugs as far as Southern Somalia.
The Conservatives response to the horrific attack in Nairobi’s Westgate Mall has been to thump their chests and proclaim their anti-terror bona fides.

Last Month in Nairobi, Kenya, a joint press conference between the Deputy President William Ruto and Somali Prime Minister Abdiwelli Sheikh Ahmed in Nairobi, the two leaders gave an undertaking that their governments, under the IGAD and AMISOM arrangement, would defeat all terrorist groups and bring stability to Somalia.

Kenyan will continue to fight terror alongside other AMISOM troops in Somalia until this is achieved, Deputy President William Ruto said, Kenya’s aim is to help bring stability to Somalia and Kenya will open an embassy in Mogadishu by June 2014 as a demonstration of the relationship that exist between the two brotherhood states.

The Somalia PM Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said Somali government are committed to working closely with Kenya to create a more secure environment in the region where business can thrive. “We are committed to clear Al-Shabab terrorists from Somalia and will work closely with Kenyan partners to accomplish that mission for regional peace and security,” PM concluded his remarks.

“The fight against international terrorism is the great struggle of our generation, and we need to continue with the resolve to fight this,” bellowed Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed. For his part, Uhuru Kenyata boasted that “Kenyan government is the government that listed al-Shabab as a terrorist entity.”

Watch Ambassador Ali’s Statements:






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