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Air Force Rejects TPLF’s Claim Of Being Attacked

Air Force Rejects TPLF’s Claim, Drone Attack

Addis Ababa, November 20, 2020 –The TPLF junta’s claim that it was attacked by a drone not belonging to the national defence forces is baseless, said the Ethiopian Air Force (EAF).

The air force equipped itself with technologies over the two years to safeguard the sovereignty of the country and ensure safety of citizens, said Maj Gen Yilma Merdasa, Commander of EAF.

The air force is currently fulfilling its responsibility of protecting the country’s airspace and providing support to the defence army, he said in an exclusive interview with FBC.

The air force destroyed targeted military facilities of the TPLF junta, he said, adding “We are doing this with the technology we have built. We don’t need help from anyone.”

Maj Gen Yilma further said that the air force destroyed fuel depots in Guiha, near Mekelle and Adigrat, as well as firearms smuggled by this irresponsible group.

The Commander also rejected TPLF junta’s false claim that civilians, religious institutions and service delivery projects were targeted in the airstrikes. “The accusation is groundless,” he said.

He further refuted TPLF’s claim of downing a fighter jet.

The airstrike will continue with utmost protection to civilians and properties in order to make things easier for the Ethiopian defence forces, he added.







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