Cape Town (HAN) December 7, 2014 – Public diplomacy and Regional Security and safety news. Nelson Mandela has been in the minds of many recently. It’s been a year since he died. Rene del Carme spoke to some South Africans about the iconic leader as the country continues to remember Madiba




  1. In 2013 we Africans and the rest of the world lost a unique human being, a great leader, mentor ,teacher and an amazing statesman. Madeba left us with a lasting legacy of leadership by example, humility, forgiveness, tolerance, kindness and humanity. I wish you lasted longer Madeba,so you can teach the despicable tyrants like ISAYAS AFEWORKI of Eritrea, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, AL Bashir of Sudan and many more cancers of Africa, driving our continent into stone age and slavery.
    Nelson Mandela, We love you and we will never forget you.
    Rest in peace our father.


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