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Addisons Disease in Africa: A survey of Clinical Peculiarities and Challences

Addisons disease is a chronic clinical condition that needs long term management and support.  Duebto TB and HIV infections, it is possible that causes and course may be different in Africa than in the rest of the World.  This has lead us to consider an exercise to ascertain the validity of this hypothesis.  With the advent of internet, we are conducting this medical research  on management of Addison’s disease in Africa and the middle east by survey of physicians perceptions of the size of the problem, level of care and unresolved challenges.
We circulated our survey to over 33000 emails. But we Some of the parts of the Horn of Africa does not seem to be well represented. We would be grateful if our colleagues in the horn of Africa spare a few some of their valuable time to participate in this Africa-wide project.  The link is given below. We promise to send you a summary of the findings once they are released in the appropriate scientific and medical forums.



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