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Ethiopian Universities To Resume Education

Addis Ababa, October 7, 2020 – The national assessment committee has assured Science and Higher Education ministry that Addis Ababa, Gondar and Dilla Universities are acceptable to restart teaching learning activity for they have fulfilled post pandemic school reopening criteria.

The universities are said to restart their learning teaching process under coronaviurs prevention guidelines.

The committee stated that the universities have finalized preparedness in line use fulfilling all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent speared of the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the assessment committee indicated that the universities have arranged better environment that enable students attend classes in adherence to the social distancing guideline.

Lecture rooms, dining halls, libraries, workshops, labs and lounges in the three universities have got disinfected as part of the preoperational activities to reopen higher education institutions.

Preventive supplies like sanitizers, facemasks and had washing tools are also fulfilled in the universities, the committee stated.

Classes which were serving as quarantine facilities have also been disinfected and made ready for teaching learning purposes.






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