Massawa, 30 September 2020 – The asphalt road that connects Serejaka with Gindae sub zone, commonly known as the “Semanwi Bahri” route is being renovated and expanded. The highway has been partly damaged due to heavy rain and landslides and that renovation activity has been carried out for the last two months, the report added.

Pointing out that the repair and expansion task is being conducted by Adi-Halo Project-2, Mr. Berhane Hailu, the head of the project said that the task includes expansion of narrow roads, clearing drainage ditches, culverts, and under bridges, as well as construction of diversion canals among others.
Through the machinery supported work road that is being conducted in cooperation with members of the EDF units, parts of the highway passing through Selemuna and Filfil has been repaired and that over 25 under bridges have been cleared, Mr. Berhane added.

Noting that the “Semenawi Bahri” route is one of the development programs fully constructed by domestic capacity, Mr. Omer Yahiya, administrator of Gindae sub zone stated that the highway has significant role in developing tourism and encourages investment as it crosses through the Semenawi Bahri national reservation park.


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