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Ethiopia: Criminal Charges Against 5,728 Individuals

Addis Ababa. Investigations into alleged crimes committed following the killing of artist Hachalu Hundessa has been completed, said the Federal Attorney General.

The Federal Attorney General and Oromia Attorney General today gave a press conference on results of the investigations conducted in joint cooperation with federal and Oromia police commissions.

Fekadu Tsega, Deputy Attorney General, said a total of 5, 728 individuals were charged in connection with crimes committed following the killing of the artist.

Of the total, 3,377 were charged at a federal level, while the charges against the remaining defendants were filed in Oromia regional state.

About 167 were killed and 360 others injured in a violence occurred in Oromia after the killing of the artist. The violence also caused over 4.6 billion birr worth of property damage.

Artist Hachalu was shot dead last June in Addis Ababa at a place called Gelan Condominium.



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