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South Sudan: $36 million stolen by senior officials

September 23, 2020 (JUBA) – Yasmin Sooka, Chairwoman of the U.N. independent Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan deplored the ramping corruption in South Sudan and disclosed that $36 million have been stolen by senior officials.

Yasmin Sooka (St photo)In a videoconference briefing to the45th Regular Session Human Rights Council, Sooka drew a gloomy picture about the human rights situation saying that “South Sudan is a country where lives are being destroyed by financial corruption on an epic scale”.

The chairwoman further accused the South Sudanese politicians of fighting for control of the country’s oil and mineral resources.

“Our Commission has uncovered brazen embezzlement by senior politicians and government officials, together with a number of entities linked to the government,” she further stressed.

“We can reveal the misappropriation of a staggering $36m since 2016. It is worth noting this is just what we were able to trace and may not reflect the whole picture,” Sooka disclosed.

The meeting was attended by Ruben Madol Arol, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of the Republic of South Sudan.

To give an idea of the magnitude of corruption in the country she went further to cite a recent report to the parliament by South Sudan national revenue authority indicate that approximatively $300 million has been lost in the last three months.

Also, she said that a crisis management committee reported that $43.1 million was missing at the directorate of nationality passport and immigration.

On 16 September, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir sacked the finance minister Salvatore Garang from office apparently for his failure to ensure regular salary payment of government workers.

Kiir also removed Erjok Bullen Geu; the head of National Revenue Authority and Chol Deng Thon Abel the Director of Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet).




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