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‎Somalia‬ Moves on with Progress on Daily Basis

Mogadishu (HAN) November 12, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Security and stability Initiatives News. latest Horn briefing is attached, Contents and News in Brief follow. For regional security and investment prospective Somalia moves on. A group of young people today held an event in ‪Mogadishu to discuss vision 2030.

According to the Chancellor of the Somali institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD), “We are delighted and glad to see that our sacrifices to return to Somalia is well worthy cause, as the country is making huge progress on a daily basis.”

The SIRAD Chancellor added, “the most important thing is that we get it right, that we understand that on the one hand Somalia still struggles mightily with governance and lack of statecraft mechanism, but on the other hand there has been a huge progress, and that’s something to build on.”

The most important diplomatic engagement, was United States Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent unannounced visit to Somalia sent an important signal that the US government intends to engage politically and more assertively in Somalia, said Dr. Ken Menkhaus, professor of political science at Davidson College and a specialist on Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

“This is a clear signal that the US government sees a window of opportunity in Somalia to help advance progress there, and is going to support both Somalis and external actors who are trying to move the country forward,” he said

Regional Maritime security: A lull in piracy attacks off the coast of Somalia has stretched into a third year, bringing relief to consumers and shippers previously hit by high cost due to the menace.Military incursions on and off-shore Somalia have helped end piracy attacks on key shipping routes around the Gulf of Aden, new data showed even as maritime experts called for caution. The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) said no piracy attack has been reported on the key routes this year.

“No incidents have been noted off Somalia or in the Gulf of Aden this year, previously a piracy hotspot. The positive development reflects the combined efforts of navies in the region, along with greater compliance with the Best Management Practices guidelines against Somali piracy, the employment of private security contractors and a stabilising government,” it said adding that suspected Somali pirates continue to hold 29 crew members for ransom.


Photo: A group of young people today held an event in ‪Mogadishu to discuss vision 2030.


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