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Eritrea and Ethiopia: Briefing the Final Report, Beyond the Impasse

Khartoum (HAN) April 10, 2014 – Weekly Regional Security and Defence Update and Analysis – Jason Mosley is briefing the final report about the assumptions underlying much analysis about the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, saying it was wrong to consider President Isaias acted irrationally or against the interests of the Eritrean state in relation to the findings of the Boundary Commission. Mr Mosley said his strategy might be poor, but not without logic. Mr Mosley said Eritrea’s fear was that by entering into talks over the implementation of the Commission’s findings the country would put in jeopardy the ruling itself.

Eritreans worry that if they negotiate with Ethiopia, as Addis Ababa requests, they will negate the Commission’s ruling.” This they would not do, which meant that Ethiopia would need to open discussions while guaranteeing the adjudication.

The Final Report (April, 2014) –
Research Funded by: Chatham House – Download paper here Eritrea_Ethiopia_Mosley_April 2014

The author is grateful for the support and insights of many scholars, researchers, diplomats, activists and citizens of
the Horn of Africa during the past several years that have informed and enriched his understanding of the region and
its challenges. These individuals remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the subject matter. The author expects
some will disagree (perhaps strongly) with the conclusions drawn. Any errors remain his responsibility.
For their support and participation during this project, thanks to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the
Ethiopian mission in London, and the Eritrean mission in London.

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